Bamboo bed sheets are an excellent alternative to traditional cotton based bedding. They are much softer and are a joy to be wrap around with. The bamboo fiber also contains anti bacteria properties, making them more odor and bacteria resistant. Finally, bamboo sheets are very well ventilated and can keep you cool during summer and warm during winter.

After buying a set, you will want the sheets to last and that can only be achieved through proper maintenance and care. Below are a few tips that can lengthened the life of your bedsheets.

You must wash your bed sheets regularly. This is to prevent bacteria from growing within the fabrics and damaging your sheets. Before washing, it is advisable to separate your sheets from light color clothing as the color from the bed sheets will run during the initial few washes. You can use machine wash. However if you want to place less stress on the fabrics, it is recommended to use hand wash instead.

When cleaning bamboo sheets, you need to avoid soap or detergents that might harm the bamboo fabrics. The best types are those that are made specifically for natural materials. These haveneutral pH and will not be harmful to your bamboo bed sheets. Remember not to use bleach at all. The chemicals within a bleaching solution is much too strong and will damage the fabrics of your sheets. If you need to whiten your sheets, you can opt for a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Just add the mixture during your washing and it will help to brighten your bed sheets.

For washing of bamboo bed sheets, you can leave all other types of cleaning solutions behind. There is no need to use the odor removal since bamboo fabrics doesn't pick up odor. The fabric softener also need not be used. As stated earlier, bamboo fabrics are already much softer than cotton. Using the softener will cause more harm and good for your bed sheets.

Once the washing is done, it is recommended to dry the bed sheets naturally. Simply hand them out on a laundry liner and dry them in the sun. If you want to use a dry, remember to use the lowest heat setting and do not set the drying period to be longer than necessary. Once the dryer is done, take out the bed sheets to avoid any wrinkles form forming. It is quite a chore to get rid of these wrinkles so it is best to avoid them. You should also read the washing instructions in case there are specific things that you should not do for your particular brand of bamboo bed sheets.