Championship Manager 01/02 is one of the games of the Championship Manager game series, and quite possibly is the best of the series. Admittedly, it’s not the most recent, but the most recent games are not always the best are they? Here are some tips for winning leagues in Championship Manager 01/02.

Selecting a club

To have the best chance of winning a league in Championship Manager suitable club selection is essential. If you select the club’s with the biggest resources and best teams, then you’ll have a much better chance of winning a league than those clubs that have more limited budgets. It’s worth noting that even if a club does not currently have the best team, if they still have good budgets then you should be able to quickly enhance the team with new signings. As such, always take note of the club’s financial details before you take the helm, and you might want to check out their team sheet as well. Avoid clubs that have insecure finances that are in the red, as then you will not likely be able to quickly enhance your first team and squad with many new signings.

Player Transfers

Player transfers are a big part of Championship Manager. It’s always worth noting that you do not have to make huge transfers to add good and great players to your team. For starters, there’s the Bosman ruling and free transfers, so it’s worth looking out for players who have expired contracts. There are also plenty of great players that are valued at less than £1m. So, it’s always worth looking out for good players valued at less than £1m, so that you can then sell them on for a much greater figure. The listed player transfer market should always be checked as you will not have to negotiate a fee with the club. Also, make sure that you check your players contracts to make sure that they are not about to expire, and are also protected.

Scouts can also be a good way to find new players, first scout for new players and secondly to show the player ratings of more unknown players. As such, you should have a few scouts for scouting new players that can then be added to a player short-list. On that note, set up a saved player short-list of great undervalued players so that you can load this and quickly find a range of cheaper players that will likely enhance your first team, or at least your squad.

The Squad

To win a league in Championship Manager 01/02 you should have a squad of at least 22 players. 22 players should make sure that you have enough players to fill in most positions when first team players cannot play. You should have at least two players for each position, and look out for flexible players that can play in multiple positions. With a suitably sized squad, you should then also be able to rotate the squad so that you can rest players for the league games when cup fixtures come along. Cup games in the Champions League can add at least six games to a season, so if you want to have your players 100% for league games to win the league squad rotation can make some difference.

Team Tactics

There are various formations that you can play in Championship Manager 01/02. You’ll need to select a suitable formation for your team, and take note of some of the formation requirements. Some will place more emphasis on scoring goals, while others on conceding fewer goals. During a match you’ll also be able to select options to defend or attack, and in most home games you should go for the attack option if you are behind at half-time. Select to defend if your team has been reduced to 10 men, or to defend a lead away from home.

Use the compare player tool

The compare player tool has to be noted so that you can compare players in your own team and squad, as well as potential new signings. This will highlight which player is best for a particular position in your team.

These are just a few notable tips that will give your team a better chance of winning the league. Set a point’s target for the season, which in a 34 team league you’ll likely need at least 70 – 75 points to win the title, 75 – 80 in a 38 team league and more like 85 to 90 in the 46 game Football League divisions. If you make it to those point totals, you could be crowned champions!