Here is a step by step method for wiring up an extra outlet in your home, its easy fast and can save you alot of money. By following these easy steps you can do your own electrical work in no time.

Things You Will Need

Wire strippers

wire 12/2 romex

wire nuts

First you need to locate the place you are going to replace an outlet. This may be in a bathroom or kitchen or living area. The same principle applies except when wiring GFIs or Ground Fault Circuit Interupter receptacle. To wire up a standard receptacle or replace one you will need to take the old receptacle out of the existing junction box. This can be done easily with wire strippers by taking off the wires from the receptacle and adding a new one. Take the wires off one by one with a standard philips screwdriver, once this is done discard the old receptacle, you should have 3 wires sticking out of the Junction Box, One red or black, one white which is the neutral wire and one ground which is the grounding wire, these wires will be green. T=In some cases you will have 6 wires, these six wires will be the wires coming in and going out to feed other outlets. If this is the case, twist the wires together and make a tail with an extra wire. Take these wires and with the new receptacle attatch the black to black, the green to green and the white to white. The white wire will go to the silver screw, the green to the green screw and the black or red to the silver screw. Once these wires are connected you can use black electrical tape to wrap around the receptacle ensuring a close bond and helping with problems when fitting the outlet back in the junction box. Commonly shorts occur when the screws hit the side of the metal box. This is not a requirement however it does help. Once the wires are attatched you are ready to fit the outlet back in the box. Screw in the receptacle with the 2 screws provided and use a single screw for the mounting plate. Thats it you have just installed a new receptacle and saved about 50 bucks!

Doing your own electrical work is not hard but does require common sense, There are books available for do it yourself home improvementers and electrical work although dangerous if understood can be done effectively and is fun to do.

Tips & Warnings

Turn off all power when servicing electrical equiptment.

Use gloves when in doubt

Use a testor or wiggy to check for power being on or off.