Blog Writing 101

How to Make Money

There are many different types of blogs online and a variety of blogging styles that bloggers have adopted. Below are just a few ways of how some bloggers create blog posts.

Blog Ideas

  • Write about an event that recently took place.
  • Post your opinion about a particular issue.
  • Write a review for a new product, movie or restaurant.
  • Publish videos to your blog and discuss the video in the post.
  • Share photos, graphics and designs you've created.
  • Write how to articles detailing a step by step process.
  • Ask a question and then answer it.

Blogging Tips

  • Anyone of these blog ideas can be used to make an ongoing daily blog. You can either stay with the same format or use a combination. The best method is to choose a format you like and stick with it. Blogs that are all over the place and not well formated tend to be less appealing.
  • Each blog should have a main heading / title followed by a bold breakdown of each subtopic within the post. 
  • Also you should find an image to use as a thumbnail that represents the post.
  • Allow comments on your blog but make sure the blogging application pushes the comments to administrator to be approved. Never approve comments automatically or your blog can become a target of spammers and bots.

Making Money with a Blog

  • If your not already signed up with Google Adsense, start there. Google Adsense is an advertising publisher program that allows you to publish ads on your blog that are related to the content on your blog.
  • Google Adsense pays you per impression and per click. Don't click on your own blog ads or you're account will be disabled and you will lose all accumulated earnings.
  • Another way to earn revune with your blog is through in text advertising programs like InfoLinks. This simple text link publishing company also pays you per click and although the payouts are not as much as Google Adsense they still ad up if your blog gets a lot of traffic.
  • Finally another avenue of creating an endless stream of residual income is to promote products and other websites using affiliate programs like Commission Junction. Also known as CJ.
  • CJ allows you to embed links, product images, and banners within your blog. When visitors sign up for memberships or make a purchase through your blog you will recieve a percentage of the commission. You just have to make sure you correctly imbed the script or codes they provide you.

Blogging Secrets

  • Use common search phrases in your blog post titles and within the body of your blog posts.
  • Find popular keywords by using tools like Google Keyword Tool or other website tools like and
  • Stay away from broad terms. Focus on specific keywords that only a few people may use. Once you've established your blog in smallers markets then you can expand to more competitive keywords. As an example many bloggers might use the keywords in the title "how to make money at home" instead write something like "how to earn extra money while in college". Target a niche market and become the authority on the topic. If your reader likes what you have to say they will not only come back to read future articles but they will also browse your other posts.
  • The hard part is not getting new visitors, it's getting repeat visitors.

Read before Publishing

  • Proof-read your blog, nobody likes spelling errors.
  • Do your images and ads look okay, make sure they are spaced evenly on the page and that the text is wrapped around them. You want all images and ads to look like they are part of the blog. The less annoying the ad the more effective it is.
  • Once your happy with the way the post looks then publish it and go to and ping other blogging sites to help promote your new blog post.
  • Now you've created a money making blog post, sit back and enjoy your endless stream of residual income - or write another post if you've got more in the tank.