A thesis is a document describing a research finding. It is a product of years of research by a student. It can either be a PhD thesis or a Bachelors or Masters thesis. Many students find it rather daunting and hard to start writing a good thesis. At higher level qualifications such as a PhD or masters in a prestigious university, it is critical to learn how to write a good thesis. Many students fail to understand the very concepts of writing a good thesis. One of the reasons of the inability of good understanding of the concepts of academic writing is that students hardly receive any help or tutorials on such activities.

Firstly, the student has to get rid of the idea that writing a thesis is hard. After several years of hard mental labor; there is no option but to produce a thesis.

Thesis writing in an organized fashion in the following order is a must:

Title of the thesis: This page is usually the first page, with a logo of the place of study.

Abstract: This is an important page. It is a summary of the research findings and the conclusion. Anyone who reads this decides to go for the whole thing or not.

List of contents: Lists every heading in the thesis.

Acknowledgements: Put everyone one down there. Make sure you have the supervisor as well. It usually helps.

Introduction: The first chapter of the thesis starts with the introduction. Describe what the thesis is about, and describe the topic of investigation in good detail. The last page will be exactly what you will be doing, how and why.

Experimental chapters: These chapters will contain the approach and exactly what you did and your findings.

Conclusions: The chapter where you describe what you found, what others have found and how they relate to your work. Explain how you approached the issues in an organized and systematic fashion. Criticize your work and your results and limitations. How you could have approached the problems better.

Future work: The final chapter. Describe what you could have done if you had more time. What you would like to see done by others who would pick up your work.

References: List of all sources and references you used.

Appendices: Stuff that you think is related to your work.