What is a thesis statement: A statement that summarizes the thesis in a sentence? It is a statement that describes the whole of the thesis in a nutshell without going through the pages to find out what the thesis is all about. A thesis statement is an idea and even an opinion. It centralizes the thesis and reflects an understanding of the work. A thesis statement could also be defined as a title of your thesis. This is usually written when writing a thesis.

Example: if you need to write a thesis statement about a research where you had to identify the major risk factors associated with atherosclerosis and its treatment. You will need to write a statement exactly what the thesis is all about.

A thesis statement in such a situation could be:

Prevention of Risk Factors in Atherosclerosis


Risk Factors of Atherosclerosis and its prevention

A strong thesis statement will suggest your complete understanding of the work involved, while a poor thesis statement will show a lack of understanding and could go against you.