The website

The first thing you need to do is decide which website you want to write on, this is one of the least important things because there are so many websites to choose from.(as seen here I chose info barrel because so many people reffered it to me) Websites like ehow, wikihow, and info barrel are perfect places to choose from because of there accessibility to the world wide web.(aka widely known websites)

The product

The second thing you need is a product or tutorial to write about, it can be about anything; even about writing a tutorial! If you want a pruduct then skip to step four, for a tutorial go on to step three.


So you decided to write a tutorial huh? Good job, tutorials get the most veiws from other people, and get you more reputation on the w.w.w. A tutorial needs three things; what you're writing about, what you need for it, and what the product is.

The three w's for mine are: 1. how to make a tutorial, 2. you need a brain and decent grammar, 3. a beautiful new article!

The possibilities for tutorials are endless, you can make one on rock candy, how to scam people, how to make 1,000 dollars in ten minutes, etc! Just grab your computer and type away!

The money making product...

     So you decided to make a reveiw on a product huh? Good! You can make lots of money writing reveiws for products, and if companies start liking you; than you will get lots of free stuff! 

     For products the only thing you need is your computer, the product you want to reveiw, and some common sense. Say a lot of good things about the product, but also include some minor negativities about it.

     like the xbox 360 for example "...It is a very good buy indeed, it has a 250 gigabyte capacity hard drive, hdmi output, and is a four person playable console. The only thing that I have found bad about it is that if you leave it on for more than two days, it over heats and gets the well-know rrod..."

     Also include a average rating on the product, the xbox for example i would put as 4.7/5   , which is a very high rating. It all depends on the person and their like and dislikes. 


End of the road

If you have made it this far than you are about to write hundreds of articles making anywhere from $20 to $400 a month! Online writing is a very successful buisness for people who want to make a little extra cash online. 

Get into your comfiest chair, get on, and get writing for buisnessess, for websties, and for people who want a tutorial!