And ensuring you have the quality

I like to attempt to write articles in 20 minutes or less without compromising the quality of the posts. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your article writing within 20 minutes. 

Think of the article as a chat

On average we speak at a rate of 150 words per minute, therefore a 3 minute ‘one-way’ chat will work out as the perfect lengh for a blog post or article. It’s also the case that writing flows better when you use language familiar in speech.

Write about stuff you know

It may sound obvious but it’s far easier to write about what you know, than have to struggle researching a new topic, if a subject requires in depth research you’re unlikely to able to write about it in 20 minutes.

How to find out what you already know

Start with a broad topic that you have an interest in; it could be the city you live in, a hobby, your favourite sports team, a topic related to the websites or magazines you read or the type of newspaper articles you find yourself scanning.

Create a mind map or a simple list with each topic as the heading, simply list everything to you can think related to each main topic.

Keep an ideas notebook

Whenever an idea for an article pops in to your head, quick grab that notebook and jot it down! No matter how great your memory is you won’t remember every thought you have about an article.

Improve your note taking by using a cloud based note application like Evernote, it’s available on all major platforms so you can access it via a smartphone, on your desktop or via a browser.

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Split the article up into separate headings

This has many advantages, it’s easier to read when formatted this way (especially online), it’s easier to write in digestible chunks, it removes the need to transition between paragraphs, search engines also tend to prefer well formatted copy.

Use bullet points and numbered lists

It’s often possible to write a perfectly coherent article with just bullet points, as with the point above this saves the time required to write full prose.

Keep it concise

20 minutes is easily enough time to write 400-500 words, no need to scrimp on quality, make every word count, plenty of usefiul information can be garnered from 400 words.

Edit on the fly

Try to keep your article on topic, refer back to your title often, remember - be concise, any additional thoughts that aren’t exactly relevant, save for a separate article, whilst writing you generate additional ideas for your ‘ideas notebook’