Get ahead of the competition on your scholarship application

I learned at an early stage that scholarships are opportunities that are to be taken seriously and not for granted. It's one of the single best ways to pay for a college education without inundating with student loan debt like many students do today. If you are lucky enough, you may not have to pay any students loans because you won't need them. This can only happen if you know how to stand out among the plethora of applications the judges will be reading. 

Step 1:

You can never overlook errors on the scholarship application. If a judge scans through what you give and notices a pattern of errors most likely you won't get too far. It is vital to assure yourself that everything is done correctly. This does not mean that you have to over obsess with everything but at least scan through the application a couple of times. Another timeless piece of advice is to hand it to one of your teachers to look over. This will ensure that you have adequately filled out the application properly. Plus, this is a perfect time to build a relationship with your teacher so that you can get an edge on your essay as well.


Find out what others winners have done so that you get an idea of the amount of effort or creativity it might to take to be the next winner. It will help you brainstorm ideas for essays and other projects that may be necessary to obtain the scholarship. It could surprise you to find out that looking at the past winners may be the key to your personal success. It is something that can be easily over looked by a majority of students aiming to attend college.


Get the best scholarship recommendation letters. This is what gives you yet another edge in the long run. If you get the right people to write down what they feel you are good or best at, you have a better chance to win. Not all of the scholarships are requiring this type of letter but it’s always better if you check. This has helped countless students win scholarships that they did not believe they could win. Imagine how it looks when a judge reads the many compliments your writer may be giving you.  It’s like having someone brag about you without it actually making you look prideful. It’s definitely say to say that you want to do this part right. High school seniors must focus on this especially.

Once you completed the previous steps, you will have a much greater chance to be the next scholarship recipient.