I am always writing. I write for money, for fun and for backlinks on regular basis so I have to be really fast and write as much as I can in the shortest amount of time. I see article writers struggle every day. It seems that majority of the people who are publishing articles on the Internet are really slow. They can hardly write two thousand words per day.

If you recognized yourself in the above paragraph do not worry. I will show you how you can speed things a little. Follow these simple tips below and you will be writing articles in no time at Warp speed. I know I do.

1.Picture it

Picture your article in your mind. Do not ever and I mean ever just start with writing before you have a clear picture of what you want to write and what you actually want to say. Just carry your article in your mind and be sure you have the last paragraph of the article in your head before you start writing. There is no way you will end up in the middle of the article asking yourself "how do I proceed". You simply proceed with the last paragraph.

2.Time frame

Just do it. Next time you sit down in front of your computer and start writing do yourself a favor and time yourself. One hour should be the right amount of time for at least 4 articles. Do not fool yourself. This technique requires 100% self discipline. For example, if you finish two articles in fifty minutes you have to write two more in ten minutes left. It does not matter if the articles are of no use. You can utilize this technique just for training at first. Just do it!


Write down a couple of pointers for your article. Once you are done just add a little content to each bullet. Yes, it is that simple. Just look at this article. I have a picture, time-frame and bullets so far. I just wrote down these pointers and am adding a little bit of information to each bullet.

4.Questions and Answers

Real quick way to write an article is to start with a question. All you have to do now is answer it. You can utilize bullets system with questions and answers as well. This works best if you are well versed on the subject you are writing about.

My rambligns for the end
These quick article writing tips work for me every day. I did not touch the subject of research before writing but I really do not write about things that need to be researched extensively. You see, I wrote this article in just five minutes because I was writing around my personal experience. Four pointers I mentioned in the article help me write tens of articles per day. I hope my bullets will help you see how I do it. Remember that one of the secrets of writing fast is writing on the subjects you are well versed on.
The above pointers are no silver bullets but just give it a try and do let me know how it works for you in the comments below.