When I write articles, I just put my thoughts onto paper (or type in this case). Most of the timesNotepad and Pen it seems my thought are quite entangled. I suppose once I think it that way, I write it that way. To state the obvious, writing articles in an anything but simple manner is not good.

The previous statement is true due to the amount of information we receive. The more information is provided to us, the shorter the focus on each block of information received. So, to get the point across to a reader, you have to follow a few basic tips.

  1. Use as many brief sentences as possible. Do not ramble on about something in long sentences. Send the idea across in a short and concise message.
  2. The people reading your article can be from all parts of the world and social classes. It takes language mastery to write beautiful sentences. Even if you are a master at beautiful writing, you might want to keep the language used simple. Otherwise you risk to lose the reader.
  3. In out times everything is moving very fast. There is no need to add introductions to a sentence or idea. Keep it simple and get to the point as fast as possible.
  4. Use active voice. It takes less to process and understand. Here is an example of active versus passive voice. Active - The hunter saw the bear. Passive - The bear was seen by the hunter.
  5. After you wrote the article, review it. Read it as if someone else wrote it and see if it is concise and clear enough. It would be even better if a friend can read it and tell you in his own words what was the article about. That way you can see how is the article received by the reader.
  6. There is always room for trimming. Take Tip 1 and trim some more.
  7. It would be great if you would know what you are writing about. Actually, try to write only about things that you. Or, if you would like to write about something in particular, but you do not know the subject that well, do some research. Then writ about it.
  8. Read other peoples articles. I am not saying that everyone else is writing in a proper manner, but most of them are. You are sure to pick up on a few things from your readings.
  9. Try to remember that the article is not a autobiography. Of course, you are writing about what you know or from experience, but try not to make the article all about yourself. Instead, try to make it as much as possible about the idea that you want to discuss.
  10. As you write more and more, you will learn to include the reader in the articled. Making the reader participate in the article is like having a discussion. There is nothing wrong with stimulating the reader to think about about the topic you are relating. This is sometimes hard to accomplish, and everyone does it in its own way.
  11. Using media like images or embed video might be a good thing. In most cases it proves toFonts(105217) be a good time investment in the creation of the article formatting.
  12. If possible, format your article using more user/reader friendly fonts. Sometimes article websites offer you the possibility to choose. And you should. The default font sometimes is horrible.

All the above tips I had to find out the hard way. This is a post that I wish I would have read when I started to write articles online.

Hope it will help you.