Writing messages, notes and e-mail on your phone can be frustrating despite the use of auto correct and a full qwerty keyboard. However there are some solutions in the form of apps. Gesture writing is the fastest way to get your text written.

Writing with gestures

Writing with gestures simply means that you don't lift your finger of the on-screen keyboard when you are writing. When you make a gesture over your keyboard the program vill try to anticipate what word you want to use and presenting it. This works almost perfectly, there is some adjustment time for the dictionary able to adjust to the usage of  your most commonly used words. Most people do not experience this at all. 


Swype is one of the available apps for gesture writing. It is very simple to use and with a little training you will be writing faster than ever. The App is not released yet it's still a beta version. Don't let a beta version discourage you from trying it. It's just a little harder to get a hold of when you need to download it from the company's website. Registration for the beta is  here.

Swype is extremely easy to use and is very accurate when it's trying to figure out what words you are using and have support for multiple languages. 



SlideIT is the main competitor for gesture writing it has more features than Swype and you can change the look and feel of the keyboard with three different themes. Slide It also has support for multiple languages and has several language pack available for download on android market. If you want to try SlideIT there is a 15 day free demo otherwise it costs around 6$. I can recommend you to try the free version if your keyboard is bothering you. 


Touch screens not your thing

If you don't like on-screen keyboards there are another option, buying a phone with a button keyboard. Examples of this is X10 mini pro or HTC Desire Z


Trying a new keyboard to your android phone is simple and fun. If you have read this far try at least one of the above. After I had installed a gesture keyboard I was messaging all my friends that day just because it was so fun to use.