Writing for a business to make money takes time and the right kind of proposal with the correct information about the
products being offered to the customer.

Things You Will Need

The first objective is to have a solid writing plan in place. You need to have the objectives of accuracy and
responsibility. You need to communicate to the customer a clear plan about how the product will benefit them. Clear
communication is highly valued. You should set a clear tone that is fairly formal but easy to understand. State the main
points of your product and avoid digression. Keep your sentences in straightforward and honest descriptions of whatever product or service your selling.

Step 1

Make sure to write out complete instructions about the product ,cost effeteness, and how to use it. State the purpose of the business letter and provide all the information about your product or service to the reader. You should type your business letter on 8 1/2 x 11 paper on one side not on both sides. You need to address the letter to the business with there address and zip code on the top of the letter.

Make sure to address who the letter is going to such as Dear business contact. From there you will write the body of your proposal. You should only use 1 side of each page, if you need more then 1 page for your proposal. After you have written the business letter make sure to ask for the sale or appointment with a clear message that you would like to do business with their company. Always sign your letter ,sincerely or thank you for your time, with your name, title ,address and phone number. If written professionally you will make more sales from a properly designed business letter.


Tips & Warnings

Be consice about your business letter,use good grammer and check your spelling.