Step 1 simple prose...


I have found that a few words on a piece of paper, a note pad, a post-it note or even typed and printed to your sweetheart can build bridges, melt away hurts or give the gift of love to someone you love or care about. I have even written prose and poetry to someone just to lift them up in a time of need.

How do you write a poem or a little prose? Most of us think we haven't a clue but here are some simple steps I have used that work time and time again. Remember that it is about the 'feeling' you want to create and not the specific words. Prose is a great place to start because there is no need to rhyme, not that all poetry rhymes however, and it is here that you can get personal. When I write a prose poem I am thinking of how the words move, bounce or have some rhythm anyhow.

Here you go try these simple steps...

  1. Write a list of all the things you love and adore about the person you are writing about. Is it their hair, their eyes, the way their mouth moves, the look of confusion...
  2. Put down the reason for the prose. Is it to apologies, is it to tell them you adore them, is it to just say hello?
  3. Begin by taking an idea from '1' above and link it with '2' above in a sentence.

Here is an example I wrote when I was thinking of my wife and the morning:

When the sun is hiding in the early hours of the day, it’s warmth as yet not outstretched

It is here, with you, beside you, holding you where the sun cannot reach that I am warmest.

As the rays of the sun inch their way across the horizon like a great rolling wave the dew on the lawn glistens.

Each dew drop a memory of a gift sent from heaven, each day they shine for a moment, their purpose in life to bring nourishment.

Like returning to you each night I bring the hope and message of a day well spent, of stories, of tales and joy.... etc

Finally just practice, enjoy and take the risk of putting something to paper and leaving it for your sweetheart to find, pin it to the fridge, put it under their pillow, on the dashboard of the car. See what happens and if you need more help I am keen to put some more ideas down shortly.