Whether you prey to Led Zeppelin, wear 70s style t-shirts borrowed from your dad's wardrobe or indulge in gothic romance written by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe or Coleridge, we all have our own unique style that makes us stand out and be 'different.' But does this make us a 'cultured person'?

Firstly, let us define what a 'cultured person' is. In my opinion, and you can add to this in your comments, a cultured person is someone who has an ability to start and carry a conversation about an array of different topics under his/her disposal, all with a high degree of self confidence, with an Obama-esque charisma. Is able to give honest and constructive opinion about everyday tribulations, without random and out of context ramblings, reminiscent of Elle Woods' sound bites. However, feedback should not be of a Shakespearean quality, and thus MUST be down to earth. I feel that these are the qualities of a cultured person, and NOT the following: a ballet loving, champagne sipping, Beethoven adoring, caviar devouring high flyer. Don't get me wrong, I still adore Frasier for his erudite quirkiness.

I just don't understand why this comes to mind for me when I think of a cultured person. Perhaps it's the media. Oh! That's another thing. Said cultured person, must not be up to date with the latest world government conspiracy theory or some other sensationalist news stories, but just up to date enough to talk about the recent baseball or NBA scores, know a thing or two about some tabloid-esque news story that oh, just everyone is talking about.

So… see what I've done here? I've described what I think a cultured person is, according to how I've been cultured by sitcoms, movies, and the media. And I could be all wrong!

So how do we profess to satisfy the above guidelines by watching a sitcom? Well, let us first analyse the characters in Seinfeld. We have Kramer, who is everything that we shouldn't be. George, who is most things that we don't wish to be, but, if we are some of these things, then well that's kind of okay since we're unable to do anything about it, and Elaine who is sort of pedantic and sort of superficial. But, what I'm getting at is, to be a cultured sort of guy or gal we should adopt many of the characteristics of Jerry.

Sure, he can be just as pedantic about partners as Elaine, but there's a nice sort of veneer about Jerry. He is logical and sums up most situations, displays no outlandish behaviour that would turn people off, his not extravagant or frugal, he expresses his thoughts in a meaningful manner to a prospective partner or friend, is up to date with what's going on, without the insanity associated with Kramer (pig manJ), but most of all his loveable. An example of his hug-ability is how Jerry's apartment is where everything goes down. If you know what I mean. Almost every climatic event has its beginnings in Jerry's apartment.

So if you want to be a 'cultured person' as described here, then watch a few seasons of Seinfeld and analyse Jerry's character as if you were back in your dreaded high school English class. You'll see what I mean. And as for me being a cultured person, well that's for you to judge and for me to…