Seeing the world
Credit: PublicDomainPictures

Have you ever wondered if you are “seeing” the same thing as me when we are both looking at the same object?

Sounds like a weird question, and for a long time I thought I was the only one who thought this.

But honestly how do we know what each other is seeing? For example, if I said to you, go pick up the red pencil, you would in fact pick up the red pencil. But do you see red as I do? Or have we both trained ourselves to see red as a certain colour but in fact we see different colours. It wasn’t until the other day that someone asked the exact question that sparked me back up again.

Although there are studies on this topic, this is something we will truly never know the answer to as no one else can see what we can each see. We can guess, study all we like, but no one else can see through someone else’s eyes and mind.

Have you ever wondered this? I find myself pondering on it all the time.

I’m sitting in my bedroom, and my partner tells me I’m beautiful. Yet when I look at the mirror I see quite the opposite. I know a lot of us are hard and judgemental on ourselves, but despite that, does he see what I see when I’m looking at myself? I simply cannot grasp that what I’m looking at is as beautiful as he describes.

What about animals, our pets or even wildlife. Ever wonder what they see when they are looking at us. You talk to your dog, and he gives you that weird look where he turns his head to the side. Yes animals can be trained to do certain things by command by that doesn’t mean that when they look at us, they see us for us. We might be a big blog to them, or a multi-coloured Lego man for all we know.

What do you think?

What about letters? To me I see my A’s as a, but that doesn’t mean you see the a that I see. Although we both point out the same letter doesn’t mean you don’t see it as a b to start with. It is quite a tricky topic to write about and be understandable, but if you think like me, then you will understand.