Home is the place where any child learns his first lessons of his life whether that is from his parents or other family members. However, most of the parents have a separate family after their child is 2-3 years old and that is when the child actually starts to memorize what he/she is taught. But as mentioned earlier in today’s inflationary environment to live comfortably it requires both the parents to work full time to satisfy their needs and the heavy work load of our professional life leads to neglect of our children to certain extent which can have negative effects on them.

How work load /professional life of parents affects / impacts children

Heavy workload of parents can have numerous negative impacts on children which are:

  • This explosion of nuclear family system has lead to the breaking of family support system of grandparents, uncle-aunties and sometimes brothers and sisters. Now it is very difficult for a couple to manage their children. As most parents have their work timing together mostly during the mornings to evenings it means that they have to leave their children in care centers or crèches. Some parents opt for a baby sitter or nanny but it can turn out to be a nightmare and huge source of tension as you do not know what you child is learning and if it is really what you want your child to learn. There is also the worry of the child have more emotional attachment to the baby sitter rather than the parents.
  • Working long hours and in the competitive environment of nowadays can leave you frustrated and on a high tension level. Many times parents have a habit of relieving this tension on their kids (however unknowingly). Parent gets irritated on even a small nuisance of the kid and shout at them which might leaves the kid at a low self esteem and emotionally traumatize him/her.
  • When parents today cannot spend the time they want with their kids they feel guilty and to wash away this guilt bring them expensive gift items like video games, mobile phones, computers etc which makes the kids lazy and unsocial. There is no replacement of human to human interaction. Absence of parents also leads to development of unhealthy eating habits among the kids not to mention their feeling neglected. Some scientific research also says that such absence of parental interactions can play a negative factor in the proper development of the brain of the young ones.
  • Children want to share their daily activities with their parents, what they observed, what they did, some new thing their learned or something big they did. If the parents don’t have time to listen and interact with their kids on these things then the kids feel angry, traumatized and damages their emotional, physical as well as mental health.
  • Mother’s traditionally have a bigger role in the nurturing of the life of the children and if the mothers are more busy in their work then this can have uncountable effects of the children like lack of communication skills, improper development of analytical skills and feeling of suffocation. In such cases children might search for simulation outside the home which can be dangerous.
  • Such inflexible and long hours of work timing of both parents will not only make the children couch potatoes but will also make the bond between the children and the parents very weak which might show its negative effect more in the adolescence of the kid.

For the above points it is clear that lack of parental guidance and their company for the kid has an extremely bad effect on the life of the children. It is necessary to opt for those types of jobs which allow parents maternity leaves and allowances at least till the child is at the age of 5. Living in a combined family for this time is also a good idea where your experienced parents will take extremely good care of your own children.

This is a point to note that although servants, nannies, care centers and play school might be able to take physical care of your child but the emotional, mental and social development of a child is totally in your own hands. Try to eke out sometime totally for your children and never make it flexible for any other activity. Listen to them, encourage them to share with you and become an integral part of their lives; this will not only be good for them but will make you too feel refreshed and energetic.