Celebrating Thanksgiving for the very first time!

I was wondering several weeks ago, how about if I want to celebrate Thanksgiving Day? What would I do and will it make any difference in my routine or my life? 

Answers never came from anywhere because I never asked them from any other person. I was just too afraid to ask, ‘how is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?’ Why?! For an obvious reason, people around me would definitely ask after I asked them the ‘question’, “Why on earth would you want to celebrate it anyway?”

The answer was, ‘Just for a change!’ Yeah, that is it. I have started celebrating Valentine’s Day and Christmas to change the atmosphere around me. Now, I want to do something different. The problem is, I do not know how to!

I am a complete vegetarian, with an exception to Chocolate cakes (with eggs, but nothing else), and I cannot celebrate Thanksgiving by eating Turkey with my friends who are not vegetarian. Anyway, after looking further into it, I think that it is just a way to celebrate this day, when you thank God for providing you a life and the contents in it. I hope I got that right.

That is all that I need to know. I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving on 25 Nov 2010. One of my good friend, Jake, is from US and he totally wants me to celebrate this day. He is pretty religious and says that celebrating this day brings ‘wonders’ in your life.

I don’t know how much of that is true, but anyway, I am definitely in need of some amazing ‘wonders’ in my life (“nice one”). He wanted to tell me every little history about this day. However, I told him to let me figure out the meaning of this day on my own because every bite of more information was going to confuse me. Anyway, this is what I am going to do and before I get writing my plan for you, please accept my Best Wishes for Thanksgiving Day 2010.

  • I am going to wake up pretty early on 25th Nov, then I am going to take a bath without having breakfast and wish our Gods ‘A Happy Thanksgiving Day’.
  • In addition, I am going to thank him for everything that they have given me, apologize for cursing them when I got into some trouble because of my mistakes, and blamed on them.
  • Next, I am going to ask their blessings over me until I walk this earth. I would also like to pray on the behalf of my family and friends who did not want me to celebrate this day because it was not our festival. However, since these festivals are human-made, I figured that each human has the choice to decide which festival he/she wants to celebrate.
  • Then I am going to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part I in my nearest theatre, because I promised my friends that I’d give them a treat once I head back to my place and now that I am here, I better keep my word.
  • Then I am going to bake a chocolate cake for my group that I hope would turn out good and unfortunately, would not be egg-less.
  • I have reserved other plans for my friends and I still have not told them that I am actually going to celebrate my first ever Thanksgiving.

This plan is simple and if ‘Thanksgiving’ were not attached to this day, it would turn out ‘just-another-day’. I just wish that I actually had someone special to celebrate this day with and who could actually believe that, celebrating some days, do bring ‘wonders in life’.

Happy Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving in India
Credit: Self