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If you are diabetic, it is possible for you to get free diabetic supplies low income health insurance including supplies for testing delivered right at your door step. There are many diabetic companies working with carriers of health insurance with an aim of providing diabetic supplies for free to diabetes patients.


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To know whether you are eligible to receive supplies for testing diabetes for free, you need to get in touch with your provider for health insurance.  For instance, Medicare (Part B) doesn’t provide cover for some diabetic supplies like insulin but does cover supplies for testing diabetes. Other available programs include prescription assistance, Medicaid and Medigap programs. It is possible to seek financial help through application if you don’t have a health insurance cover and are low-income. You can reach out to the Association for American Diabetes to get details of insurance suppliers and programs covering free diabetic supplies low income no health insurance.

Accessing diabetes supplies for low-income earners

There are times when your finances are down to a low-end then you are caught devoid of a health cover from an insurance firm. This makes it extremely hard to obtain free diabetic supplies low income no health insurance. In a situation like this, you need not to be alarmed because you can at any time apply for assistance from programs that provide financial support. Through programs that provide financial aid, people with low-income and lack health insurance are able to access diabetes supplies for free.

Significance of testing glucose levels daily

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Many patients with diabetes are ignorant of the need and significance of continuous monitoring of their levels of glucose in one day. Though this is an extremely costly exercise due to high costs of strips used for testing, it is extremely vital and gives a diabetic person no other option other than to carry it out a couple of times each  day. Each time a diabetic person conducts a test for glucose level, he or she will have to use a new strip to test making the process more expensive. The good thing is that meters for measuring glucose are reasonably cheaper compared with strips for testing.

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But do you know that there are pharmaceutical firms that are willing to get you the glucometer you need to check your glucose levels everyday for free? These firms usually give a free glucometer when you purchase diabetes supplies from them. We all know that firms are competing to draw and retain customers; they are working to build long term relationships with their clients. Seize this opportunity; order your diabetes supplies from a firm that is offering free glucometer so you have one to yourself.

New health regulations that make it easy to get diabetic supplies

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Recent changes in laws pertaining to health require insurance firms to provide insurance for free with respect to supplies for treatment of diabetes for their clients of up to 80 percent. This regulation enables diabetes patients to get diabetic supplies low income no health insurance which include batteries, glucometers, a lancet as wells the costly strips used to test the sugar level content in blood. If you are listed with Medicare or have a health policy that is private, call on a pharmaceutical firm that offers glucometers as well as other diabetic supplies for free and ask them to invoice your insurance firm for those supplies that they make available to you.

Find Free Diabetic Supplies Online

Numerous companies willing to send you diabetic supplies at no cost exist online. Among the supplies that these companies will include are meters for testing diabetes, commonly known as glucometer or the glucose meter, testing strips, solutions for controlling glucose, alcohol swabs and insulin supplies as well as insulin.  Though meters for testing diabetes may not be that costly, test strips are expensive and so you are able to save quite a good chunk of money by getting test strips and a glucose meter for free.

Note that these online companies offer test strips and meters for free to diabetic patients who have health insurance covers only. In the process of requesting for these supplies, you would need to complete a form online providing personal details including your health policy, mailing address and details of your physician. It is important that you ensure the security of the website before submitting your personal details on internet.  Some companies that provide diabetes supplies prefer to handle all insurance related claims; this makes it possible for you to get supplies for testing diabetes fast and without any hassles.

So, you don’t need to incur up-front costs or make any co-payments or better still, there is no need of waiting for your insurance company to make reimbursements. Ensure that your online company is able to ship your supplies for free. This alternative is extremely effective as opposed to having to make several trips to a pharmacy. Getting your diabetic supplies for supplies from an online company that provides supplies is a great way of accessing free diabetes related information. Some of those companies provide additional service like useful information pertaining to nutrition, exercise and planning your menu as well as tips on supplies for testing glucose.


The third and easy way to get a free glucometer to help one maintain the recommended glucose levels is to visit companies offering online order services. These companies provide an online form which is the only thing one needs to fill and return to them. The information that one will be required to give may include the details of the physician, the patient's policy number and a prescription from the doctor. For people without insurance, they can get assistance through Medicare and Medicaid and other not for profit programs. Also, see what opportunities exist in your State. However, you need to know the requirements of each program. People who are not insured can get glucometers for free diabetic supplies low income no health insurance for uninsured through programs sponsored by the government.