Research has shown that many women are sick because they can't cope with the fact that their husbands cheat on them. This case has made most women to develop hypertension because of their over thinking and worries while some women have gone to their early grave. if you die because your husband womanizes, you died for nothing and that your same husband will not waste time in marrying another woman. If you have already gotten children, your children will now be at the mercy of the next wife who can be treating them as she likes.

Here are how you can cope if your husband can't stop womanizing so that you will not develop hypertension

1. Do not imagine where he is if he is not at home. Always distract your attention from this.

2. Avoid asking him where he went to or where he is coming from. Anytime you see him just accept him.

3. Don't ever try to pick his calls because you will have heartbreak if the caller is a female and your blood pressure will rise more.

4. Do not search his phone book and details because the female names in his phone can disturb your mind.

5. Try not to listen to his phone conversation. Remove your mind from any phone conversation that he is making.

6. Don't keep waiting for him if you know he comes in late. Go to sleep and relax your mind.

7. Do not try to stay lonely during his absence. Watch your favorite movies, read books, listen to your favorite music, chat with people or go to sleep.

There are some factors that normally make married men to be womanizing and they are:

Influence of friends: Sometimes, a man may not have the intention of cheating on his wife but his friends can lure him into the act. This is very common.

If a man did not get married to his choice of woman: Any man who did not get married to his choice of woman can be tempted to be womanizing especially when he sees his real choice of woman outside his marriage.

The attitude of a wife: This can also make a man to womanize. This occurs when a wife is not very good in bed.