Have you been selling on ebay and never considered Amazon? Then this article is for you. Anyone can start selling on Amazon without any outlay or listing fees. The only fee that is charged is when you sell. You can list 1 item, 100 items or 1000.

There are many things that you can list on ebay that you can’t list on Amazon, used clothing is an obvious one. For some categories you’ll need to sell on Amazon for a while before they let you sell in a specific category, such as toys at Christmas time. But you would be surprised to learn the diversity of items that you can list on Amazon. Amazon sells much more than books. Check them out, you can buy electronics, dinner items, baby items, food, toys, clothing, sports items, tools and even condoms!

Many things that Amazon sells, you can sell. Here’s how.


For the item that you want to sell, go to the Amazon listing. You must find the exact item and not just one similar. Go over to the right hand side and find the text that says, “Have one to sell?” and a box that says “Sell yours here.”  Click on the box. You will then be prompted to add a condition and a condition note before pressing continue.

After pressing continue you will be on another page where you can add the price you want to sell it at, the quantity and how you are prepared to ship the item. For most items you can offer fast and slow shipping, and also international shipping. Enter all the information and press continue.

The next page shows a summary of your listing click “Submit Your Listing,” and your listing will be live on the Amazon site about 15 minutes later.

When once you list something on Amazon, it stays there until it is sold or you remove it, and you don’t pay anything for that privilege.

If the listing is already on Amazon, you can add your item for sale at no extra cost and very little effort on your part. But what do you do if your item doesn’t already have a listing? If you become a pro-merchant at a cost of $39.99 per month then you can add items to Amazon’s catalog.

Amazon is different from ebay. On ebay you write your listing and no one else can use it, but on Amazon there should be one listing for each item and many sellers sell (with various conditions and prices) against that listing. If your item isn’t listed and you create a listing, anyone else can sell the same item as you.

On ebay you can specify the price the customer pays for shipping and you make sure you at least cover your costs. On Amazon, the shipping price is set for you and it is often under the real cost of shipping the item. Even if the dollar amount isn’t enough, you still have to ship the item. But often you can sell an item for a higher selling price on Amazon than you can on ebay, so that often makes up the shortfall in the shipping.

On ebay someone can “buy” your item and then not pay and you lose money. Even if you get your final value fee back, you still lose your listing fee. On Amazon, you don’t get notified about a sale until the buyer has paid for it.

Amazon puts your money in an account and pays you every two weeks. If you want the money more frequently you have to request it.



Be prepared to sell internationally, Amazon has a lot of visibility worldwide and you will do well if you can offer your items to other countries.

If you are skeptical, try and list your items on both Amazon and ebay and see what sales you get. Just remember to remove your listing from one site when you sell on the other.