Hearing Protection is Essential for Shooters

Why use Electronic Ear Muffs?

Any gun or sport shooting enthusiast that has spent any time on the gun range knows the importance of wearing ear protection.  The repetitive loud sounds of pistol, rifle, or shotgun blasts can reach decibel ranges that are damaging to your hearing.  Repeated exposure to these loud sounds can cause permanent and irreversible damage.  If you ever experience that familiar ‘ringing’ in your ears after being exposed to loud sounds, then you are encountering decibel ranges that you need to be concerned with.  The Howard Leight R-10526 Impact Sport Ear Protectors can offer you excellent ear protection at a low cost.

How Do Electronic Ear Muffs Work?

Electronic ear protectors allow you to hear sounds that are within safe decibel ranges.  Once loud impulse noises reach the 82 decibel range, they automatically shot off that noise to protect your hearing.  You can control the volume of the sound that they let in, allowing you to carry on conversations with those around you without having to remove your ear protectors.

The Dangers of Traditional Ear Protection.

Using ear protection while shooting is advisable, and highly recommended for shooting sports.  Not all hearing protectors are the same though, and there are dangers associated with using traditional, non-electronic ear muffs.
Traditional hearing protection can be inserted into the ear or over the ears, and will normally block out all surrounding sounds.  This creates a scenario where it is difficult to converse with those around you, making it necessary to remove the protectors to communicate.  Good communication with those around you is one of the most important safety precautions you can take when discharging firearms.  If those around you need to tell you to hold your fire, you need to be able to hear that command, and non-electronic ear protection does not make this possible.
This is where electronic ear muffs really stand above traditional ear muffs.  They offer you the protection you need, while still allowing you to communicate with those in close proximity to you.

Features and Benefits of the Howard Leight R-01526.

It is the added features that I feel make the Howard Leight R-01526 ear muff stand above the competition, and getting these features for the approximate $50.00 price makes them a smart choice.

  • Sound Amplification
    Allows you to adjust the volume of the sound that it lets in, so you can continue conversations with other people at a distance.
  • Enhanced Hearing
    With the volume level turned up to the maximum setting, the R-01526 can actually enhance your hearing.  If worn while hunting, they can act like the Walkers Game Ear, and allow you to hear approaching game at further distances than the naked ear would allow.
  • Instant Cutoff and Instant Restoration
    These ear muffs instantly block loud sounds when they are detected.  After the loud sound has passed, the sound is instantly restored without experiencing the delays incurred by some of the competitive products on the market.
  • Audio In Jack
    The R-01526 allows an external audio source, such as an IPOD or other MP3 player, to be connected.  This will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while practicing your shooting. 
  • Automatic Shutoff
    There is a four hour automatic shutoff that will allow you to save the life of your two AAA batteries if you forget to turn them off. 
  • Comfortable Fit
    These electronic ear muffs are comfortable to wear.  They have an adjustable headband that will ensure a good fit.  They also fold up nicely which allows them to be protected while stored in a backpack or shooting bag.

So the next time you head out to the range, make sure that you are using some form of hearing protection.  Avoid the repetitive exposure to loud sounds that can result in permanent hearing loss.  In your later years, you will appreciate that you did, and with any luck it will help you to avoid the need for a hearing aid!