Hubpages is not a get rich quick scheme. Having said that - it is great make money online platform. Knowing how to use it before you open an account will only aid and abet your ability to turn your writing in $ signs.

Now, I'm not claiming to be an expert. I just understand the rules of engagement and by following them, I've discovered that slowly but surely, you can actually earn a passive income via HubPages. Understanding what it is the site wants will go along way to giving you some form of return for your efforts.

Things You Will Need

First, you need to sign up. Once you've done that, have a good read of the rules and guidelines. Find out what you can do - and what you can't. It's a general waste of your time if you just plunge in regardless, only to find an article (or hub) flagged as soon as you've published.

It's quite disheartening and, if you're a new user, a little alarming. I've lost count of the times I've noticed a post in the forum relating to hubbers being flagged - worrying about the consequences or what being flagged actually means.

So let's skip forwards and assume that you've already read and understood the rules. Now - how to hub.

  1. Make your article original. And by that, I don't mean go off and try and drum up a topic or subject that's never been written about before. I mean that the article needs to be written in your own words. And that means no plagiarism. None. The HubPages team will know if you've silly copied and pasted. So don't waste your time trying.

  2. Research your topic, if it's something you have no real knowledge of. Don't start writing about a cure for extracting ear wax from ants if you know nothing about the topic. Instead, read up and inform yourself. Once you've done that, share your info. Or better still, if it's something you're passionate about, what are you waiting for?

  3. Don't write in any language other than English. You can insert a little foreign language text in (a Latin quote for e.g.) but you know what I mean. Don't start writing in Cantonese.

  4. Check your grammar and spelling. Trust me. It's a great big turn off for readers when someone pays little or no mind to the aforementioned. Reading a sentence such as: 'yea like, it was well kewl and u now I proper loved when i fund my loosed keys!' That was a little exaggerated but you get the picture.

  5. Use the capsules available. Don't write large bodies of text (like this article) without breaking it up. Insert some white space and make use of appropriate pictures, videos and web links. The tools are there, sharp and shiny - use them.

  6. Aim for somewhere between 400 and 1500 words. Less is not more, as the saying goes. Of course if you're preferred style of writing is poetry, that's different. But generally - article writing needs to have some meat. No one wants to chew on bare bones. Give it some substance. And there's no magic number. Just avoid less than 400.

  7. HubPages is not a blogging site. Period. A lot make that mistake. Don't add to the number. If you want to blog, check out Blogger or Wordpress.

  8. Don't be afraid of asking for constructive criticism in the forum. Use the 'Extreme Hub Makeover' section of the forum. Ask other hubbers to critique on your first hub. They will be honest but they're not ill-spirited. You may well get some very constructive feedback.

Basically, that's about it. If you can absorb the above (as a newbie or noob) and put it into practice, you will start to flourish.

HubPages is a great place to share your thoughts, insight and knowledge. And like I said at the beginning, you can and will make money (passively) once you work out or begin to understand a little bit about SEO and so on.

It really isn't rocket science and the best thing about the site is that all you'll ever need to know about HubPages is already contained within the site: either the site itself delivers what you're looking for or it's been written about in the forum or by way of a hub.

Tips & Warnings


· Write quality content

· Original content

· Articles in excess of 400 words

· Make best use of the tools available - pictures, videos, links etc

· Sign up to the affiliate programs: adsense, amazon and so on


  • Plagiarise

  • Create a negative image in the forum by way of spamming/inflaming

  • Publish badly thought out hubs

  • Pay little attention to the overall presentation