Hmm, January 22nd, 2015

HubPages is Still Posting My Profile and Content

My former Squidoo profile/content is still on HubPages Jan. 22nd, 2015
Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved

Despite my numerous protests and public announcements, HubPages and their ISP, Level 3 Communications, continues to post my author profile, identity (avatar photo), and 284 articles of mine.

It's now January 2015. 

I finally opened the first email from HubPages and reported it promptly to Google for part of a "phishing" attempt. I never followed a link, nor clicked any transfer button. 
Corey Brown and numerous members of the Squid Team knew I didn't want my user information and content sold and imported to HubPages.
Yet, it's there.
I cannot use my own content since it will trigger duplicate content filters. I am not going to rewrite 284 (originally 293) of my own articles - those are mine.
As many of you know, I filed an IC3 report (which is free), wrote to Consumer Affairs (am waiting for a lawyer to contact me - also free), and published an open letter to Mr. Brian Britton, the GM of Level 3 Communications.
Soon, I hope to be hearing from a lawyer with Consumer Affairs.

Wonder Why So Many Lenses

Haven't Been Converted to Hubs?

If you check out my profile on HubPages and click on "My activity" it states: This user has no recent HubPages Activity.[1] 

It should state: This person never joined HubPages. This profile page and all these articles are posted here without the content owner's (author's) permission OR this person is dead.
Since I see now that my Hubber Score has increased from 75 to 91, I thought I clear up some myths for people who are wondering what factors into these elusive scores.

Three Facts About Hubber Scores

Here's what I do know:

  1. It has nothing to do with writing articles or editing them. Almost all 293 of my articles were written in 2013 and I haven't changed one word in them. 
  2. It cannot have anything to do with participating on HubPages. I have never commented on one Hub. I never visit the site. 
  3. It has zero to do with promoting your work on HubPages. In fact, I deleted about 2,000 Squidoo lenses (my own and others) that I had on Pinterest. Anything with the Squidoo or HubPages domain in the URL was removed.

My Theory

Hub Scores has everything to do with how unique your content is. The reason I state this is because of the featured lens showing (now made a Hub, without my permission). Blecksy is my daughter's own private nickname for bad people.
By the way, she thinks Paul Edmondson et al. are all blecksy.
Hub Scores might be related to how much money HubPages can profit from your work. On Squidoo, I never had an affiliate account. Right now, whoever is collecting the money from all those ads, Amazon products, and eBay sales placed on 293 articles of mine is making a killing.
Why? Because I've never joined. For all intents and purposes, I am dead and Paul Edmondson et al. get to keep all that income. They get to profit from my work and identity 100%.
Or so they think.
So, if you are finding your work unfeatured for "lack of engagement" that must be false. I'm essentially dead on there - oh and so is Naiza Oclares[2] (321 of her articles are featured on HubPages).
I wonder if people with affiliate accounts are being punished for not giving up more of their income to HubPages?
Show Me the Money
Credit: Alan / Falcon (dafalcon on flickr) / Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic