HubPages (37895)


  • Easy to use author publishing tools
  • High money earning potential
  • A thriving community of Hubbers
  • SEO and Google friendly
  • Traffic and revenue increases over time
  • A good system of rewards and penalties


  • HubPages can get addictive!
  • It's not a get rich quick site, patience is the key

Full Review

HubPages is a popular Web 2.0 site like Squidoo and Info Barrel that shares its revenue with the members who publish content, called Hubs, on it. Starting out in 1996 after Squidoo, Hub Pages has quickly gained prominence and a thriving community of writers who publish hundreds of Hubs on evrything they know. In return they get to display their Adsense ads for 60 percent of the time, while for the remaining 40 percent, Hub Pages ads are displayed. You get to keep the entire money from the clicks while your adsense code is being displayed for the ads. Apart from Adsense, Hubbers, those who publish Hubs, can also feature Amazon products and e-Bay stuff as well. The USP of Hub Pages is its easy-to-use author publishing tools but the best thing for those looking to make passive income online is that HubPages is ideal for making money, backlinking as well as gaining online reputation. Hub Pages also provides useful tools to track your traffic sources, earning potential of individual Hubs, Social bookmarking tools and more. You can even track your stats by integrating your Google Analytics code with your HubPages account, just like you did in the case of Adsense, Amazon, and Kontera for text links.

Easy to Write and Publish

Unlike Squidoo where you need to have a good knowledge of HTML to use lists and other options, Hub Pages easy to use author publishing tools. There is a floating button where you can choose to insert different "Capsules" which could be a text box, link box, Amazon list, Poll module and so on. I find it quite convinient to post Hubs without the need for refreshing my page every time I click a button. This is in fact what I dislike most about Squidoo where every time I reorder my page modules or add or delete a module the entire page refreshes causing unnecessary delays in what I love doing most; writing. Also as Hub Pages has a external link limit of maximum two links to the same domain, people cannot use Hub Pages as a link farm, unlike Squidoo. Another big factor in favor of Hub Pages is that Google simply loves it. It's not surprising to see your Hubs not only getting indexed in Google within a few hours after publishing them but some of them even manage to break into the top ten results in just a few days. This should make any SEO writer happy as any artcicle submission site's success is decided by how prominently its pages are listed on the big G and how quickly.

Thriving Community of Hubbers

For me the buzz that any revenue sharing site generates is an important indicator to judge its popularity and Hub Pages has one of the most active forums with hundreds of new posts and thousands of comments on a plethora of topics, from SEO to Religion to Education. And the members are pretty friendly too. Ask any question and you will receive a reply sooner than later. To encourage comments and participation by the Hub Pages community there are many other features apart from the forum, like the Answers feature and Request a Hub feature to list a few. This is also a nice way to get noticed by Google as it loves comments. Your profile page is also customizable and you can choose which widgets are displayed and even reorder them. The Hub Pages home page is also bustling with activity unlike the Squidoo homepage which is quite static and does not offer any clue why a visitor should register on the site. Not so with Hub Pages.

A Good System of Rewards

Authors who post good quality articles on Hub Pages not only get rewarded by Google but by Hub Pages as well. For any revenue sharing site internal traffic is just as imporatnt as external traffic. When your Hubs receive high traffic, comments, are voted up, you not only gain followers but high Hub author ranking as well and who knows your Hub might be featured on the front page also! If this happens your Hub will quickly gain in popularity and generate even more revenue, receive more comments, and you will gain even more fans. This is what I call the circle of virtuosity. Hub Pages allows "do follow" links on Hubs, the only condition being that your Hub score should be more than 75 and the individual Hub score more than 50. And you will soon realize this is not at all difficult to attain or maintain. Any Hub with 400 words or more will get a Hub score of 60 plus. Popular Hubs get 80+ score easily. Getting a Hub author score of more than 75 is even easier. If you publish even 3 or 4 quality Hubs your author score will easily surpass 85. Regular Hubbers have score ranging between 90 and 100.

And There are Penalties as Well

On the other hand short Hubs meant only for creating backlinks get punished as the links automatically get converted to "no follow" ones once the Hub score falls below 50. Overly promotional Hubs are disallowed on Hub Pages. Hubs with more than two links to the same site are labeled overly promotional and get the stick by the moderators. But the good part is you can remove the excess links to get your Hub out of the cold freeze. While many people are not sure if they can post affiliate links on Hub Pages, let me state clearly that you can. Hub Pages author guidelines no where disallows affiliate links and many of my Hubs have affiliate links without raising an eyebrow among the Hub Pages staff. But the overpromotional guideline applies in this instance as well and too many affiliate links in a single Hub will be disallowed by the moderators. All this makes for a nice incentive system for the genuine Hubbers who post quality Hubs quite consistently. No wonder even without going through an editorial review, the articles on Hub Pages are of very high quality.

Good Earning Potential

For those reading this review of Hub Pages to know about the money earning potential that Hub Pages offers, you'll be grinning from end to end to know that Hub Pages is currently the most rewarding revenue sharing site on the web. It's not rare to find Hubbers who earn more than $3,000 a month from their Hubs. 3000 dollars of passive income! How many article sites can offer such high revenue earning potential? Not even Squidoo or other Web 2.0 sites. I joined Squidoo prior to joining Hub Pages but my income from Hub Pages very quickly surpassed that from Squidoo by a big margin. In fact the smartest Hubbers are those with the least number of published Hubs or articles. So how do they earn so much with so few Hubs? Here is where SEO, article promotion kicks. But if you just want to write good quality articles and not bother about SEO and the like even then you can earn good income from Hub Pages provided you have built a critical mass of Hubs and followers. In fact older Hubs steadily move up in Google rankings over time and their revenue potential also increases correspondingly.

Is There Any Flipside to HubPages?

People looking for reviews generally believe that no matter how good a product or Web site is, there surely are some cons associated with it as well. But believe me, there is none whatsoever with Hub Pages. The promoters are genuine, the Hubbers or authors are genuine, the comments and traffic are genuine. Finally, the money earned is also genuine.

In Closing

But I feel you shouldn't rely on this Hubpages review alone, rather you should Join Hub Pages and see for yourself! Also, if you have your own Wordpress blog you should know How to Choose Between Free or Premium Themes. Lets us all know your HubPages experience in the comments below. Thanks for commenting!