hubpage logoWhat is Hub Pages?

is a membership website which generates content on a variety of topics. The membership of the site is attained by merely registering with them just like you would for an email id with yahoo or google. Now you can write articles or reviews on any topic you wish, as long as you stick with their basic terms and conditions. Which are similar to the ones on Info Barrel, such as writing original work, not bringing in adult material, or anything related to porn or gambling.

How it works

Once you have registered with hubpages you can click on the my account button and you will see a number of options. To begin writing an article you click on start a new hub. This will take you to a form which asks you the title of the hub, the category that you would like to place it in, the tags that you would like to give it,etc. Now you can decide on the content of the hub. You can add text, pictures, polls, links and tables to the hub. These are displayed in special capsules. If you wish to add an element to the hub you click on the capsule and then you can edit it and customize it. When you are finished you hit the publish button and the hub is live.

The Revenue Generation Options

The hubpages site offers you revenue sharing options with a number of affiliates. The first is Google Adsense. You need to register your website and get a publishing id with Adsense. This is used on your profile 60% of the time and hubpages uses their own the remaining 40% of the time. Check how to get your Google Adsense Publisher id here.

Similarly you need to get an id with Kontera which shows intext ads on your hubs. However these are not seen by those who are signed in to hubpages, but only by those who are visiting the site. To check if Kontera ads are showing on your hubs, you will need to log out of your hubpages account.

Besides contextual ads being shown on the hubs you can actually sell products from the hubs. This is by using the Amazon Affiliate Program and Ebay Partner Program. Both affiliate programs have to be applied for. The hubs have special capsules which allow you to add amazon or ebay products related to the article you are writing.

The Community

There is a forum which is quite active. Besides a large number of Americans there are also many Kiwis and Aussies on the site, not to mention a sizable population from Asia. There is always some one active on the forum be it night or day where you are. You can also subscribe to individual writers on the site. They are called hubbers. There is also the possibility of sending messages directly to the email ids of other hubbers. In general the community is quite supportive, apart from a few zealous religious nuts.


It is a good place to hang out if you are looking to make some extra money with a revenue sharing site. There are a few people who claim to make a decent living online by merely writing for hubpages, although that has not been my personal experience. I have had little success with Adsense and none what so ever with Kontera. I do not have an eBay id but have not made a single sale from the one I have at Amazon either.

Since I have joined Info Barrel I have seen much better returns on Adsense as well. It may be that having two income streams is better than one, but on the whole I have found that its best not to hope to make a living online from revenue sharing sites. They are good for some petty cash on the side, but don't quit your day job!