-Easy to use, requires no special skills.
-Very good ranking in Google.
-Articles don't require approval.
-You can include Youtube videos, RSS feeds and slideshows in your articles.
-Great community.


-All articles have the same design, background, etc.
-Low quality articles are increasing as the site is getting bigger.

Full Review

Hubpages is one of the sites I started using in my early days as a blogger to increase my adsense income. The site has a high ranking in google and your articles (hubs) get indexed quickly and easily. The good thing about Hubpages is that anyone can use it, al you need is something to write about and with a little effort and SEO you can get to Google's first page!.

The interface is user friendly and you will get used to it very quickly, you can add videos, images, links and RSS feeds to your articles. There are 4 ways to monetize your writing : Adsense, Amazon, Kontera and Ebay. You get 60% percent of the impressions.

You can also use it for backlinking to your blogs or to include clickbank affiliate links. Articles don't require approval to be published, this can be bad because the site has a large number of members and many people find it easier to just write low quality articles or "images only" hubs.

How to make money with hubpages?
Write "evergreen" content. Content that people will be searching for all the time. As I said, Google loves Hubpages. Seasonal content is good but not all the time. The (30 hubs in 30 days) challenge that they hold can encourage you to write more hubs if you are looking for some competition and motivation.

Personally, I don't recommend relying on one source for income but you won't lose anything if you try! Even if you don't earn much with them, you can get backlinks for your articles and blog posts.
Sign up with hubpages now and tell me how it goes with you.

In Closing

Hubpages is one of the best revenue sharing websites with a good PR and a helping community. It can help you boost your earnings and increase traffic o your website or blog. It's both fun and lucrative.