Huge Stuffed Bears vs Oversized Stuffed Animals

Do you need help finding the best giant stuffed animal to buy? Let's be realistic here, you want a jumbo stuffed animal that makes a statement. Maybe you want your child to know how much you care. Maybe you want your partner to know how much you love them. Maybe you just want a huge stuffed animal because they are fun to look at. There is something going on between huge stuffed bears and oversized stuffed animals that you might want to know before you buy a stuffed animal.

There has been a battle of epic proportions between huge stuffed bears and oversized stuffed animals. I know this may come as a shock, but they do not like each other. The battle between the big bears and the giant animal toys is for the title of best big stuffed animal to buy. It is getting kind of old for Teddy Huge BTeddy Huge Bearear (posing at left). He is now considered to be the George Foreman of huge stuffed bears, he just keeps getting back in the ring. As you can see this huge stuffed bear just got done taking on one of the oversized animals. We've just gotten word that it was one of the much younger discount stuffed animals. A stuffed animal monkey (celebrating) treated Teddy Huge Bear like a toy.
stuffed animalThe fuzzy rivalry is far from over.

The huge stuffed bears are outnumbered by the oversize stuffed animals. There is not always room on toy store shelves for both of these life size toy animals. The skirmishes usually happen at night, and Teddy Huge Bear is always the instigator. He feels that he is a the classic toy for kids, and often shouts "I am the best stuffed animal to buy!" repeatedly. Eventually one of the oversized stuffed animals begrudgingly accepts his challenge. His promoter, who is a new high tech smart teddy bear (left picture), organizes everything. stuffed bear

The huge stuffed bears are coming closer to being able to claim best big stuffed animal to buy status, although it is an uphill battle. Teddy Huge Bear and his promotion team plan on taking on the biggest stuffed animal in a winner take all match during the Christmas shopping season. This is when most of the oversized stuffed animals and huge stuffed bears are sold.

The huge stuffed bears and oversize stuffed animals match up is getting closer and closer every day. It will be Teddy Huge Bear taking on the oversized stuffed animals top prospect, drum roll please...the Huge Stuffed Monkey (pictured with his trainer). He has a slightly confused look because he is a bit overwhelmed and he does not have a clue what this crafty old stuffed bear is going to do to him. Oversized stuffed animals as powerful as this need someone that has been around a while to prepare them. The huge stuffed bears are taking this shopping season battle seriously as well, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.
oversized stuffed animal

The old veteran big stuffed teddy bear has experience and craftiness on his side. Teddy Huge Bear is starting to develop a loyal fan base because of the discount stuffed animals his promoter is offering. It's no wonder they call this guy a smart bear, he is offering wholesale stuffed animals for any big stuffed bear that comes to the fight. The match up against the Huge Stuffed Monkey is almost already sold out, and it looks like the store is going to be full of huge stuffed bears.

Next time you are at the toy store looking for a fuzzy, cuddly, somewhat strange looking life sized stuffed animal. Remember that there is some fierce action going on late at night after the store closes. These fun toys are not awkwardly large fuzzy friends. There is battle brewing between the trendy new oversized crowd and the true classic huge stuffed bears. The stage is set, this rivalry has reached its boiling point. Teddy Huge Bear, representing the huge stuffed bears. Takes on Huge Stuffed Monkey, representing the toys that are too big for their own good. The title of best stuffed animal to buy is on the line. There is only one question to ask now. Are you ready?
This match up has all the makings of a classic, we shall see which giant toy animal wants it more.

How will you pick the best stuffed animal to buy? These big cuddly guys are in a knock down drag out battle to be your choice. There are plenty of oversized stuffed animals to choose from and several online resources to help you find the right one. If you would like more information, all of the stuffed animals I have pictured can be found on Amazon by following their name.

The big stuffed toys community would like you to go with a stuffed animal that is going to make that special person smile. Regardless of everything that is going on in the huge stuffed animals kingdom, it is all about that moment when you are able to make someone happy with a fun gift. You can decide to go with a one of the huge stuffed bears or one of the oversized stuffed animals, if you can have fun with it, that is all that matters.

A brief disclaimer for those of you that may be concerned about the well being of the toys:

No big stuffed animals were harmed during the documentation of this article, nor does this article condone any illegal large stuffed animals testing in any way, shape, or form.

Buying huge stuffed bears and oversized stuffed animals helps us express are inner need to be a kid again. When you look at a massive stuffed animal you can't help but be amused by it. This article is obviously meant to have a little bit of fun with giant stuffed animals, not everything has to be so serious in life all the time. By the way I am rooting for the huge stuffed bears to win the best big stuffed animal to buy this year. There is something about Teddy Huge Bear that makes you want to root for the underdog. Whichever huge stuffed animal you decide is the best stuffed animal to buy, remember that your big fuzzy friend is working hard to win your affection.