You have been to the Hughesnet site, you've read the great reviews of Hughesnet internet and you have been all but swayed to pay the steep price for it. If you are considering buying Hughesnet internet, you may want to reconsider.

I write this review based on my own personal experience with the Hughesnet satellite internet service, however; I have heard similar views to mine from various people.

My family lived out in the country where the only internet option was the old 56K dial-up modem. In 2005, we say Hughesnet internet advertised on DirectTV. It seemed like an excellent upgrade. We got a hefty discount and rebate for signing up with Hughesnet through DirectTV.

Even with the discounts, it was still a flat 500 dollar installation fee, plus another 250 dollars for the dish, but that was a rebate item. The service then proceeded to cost 100 dollars a month.

This would be all fine and dandy for proper internet, I mean, we did not have any options to shop around with. Having upgraded to satellite internet from dial-up was magical at first, but things soon turned sour.

In a perfect world, you would be able to use internet to watch Netflix or play games online. If you have cable, you are perfectly able to do this at reasonable speeds for as low as 30 dollars a month.

Not on Hughesnet internet.

On Hughesnet internet you can't stream movies or play games online that require a constant connection. It is not that Hughesnet internet cuts out, it's that there is so much lag.

If you do not want to watch movies on the internet or play online games, than this internet is pretty good. However, that's not even the worst part of Hughesnet internet. The worst part is the data cap.

That's right. Hughesnet has a data cap under its Fair Access Policy to prevent internet piracy, this cap prevents you from internet piracy and enjoying the internet in general. The data cap is 4 gigabytes. There were five people living in my house and only two of us used the internet actively. We frequently hit the 4 gigabyte data cap.

Do you know what happens when you hit the 4 gigabyte data cap?

Hughesnet slows down your internet to the extreme for 24 hours after you go over their data cap. I would not be exaggerating that it would be faster to hand chisel 10 words into a clay tablet than surf the internet when you have exceeded your data.

Aside from the data cap there are some general downfalls that apply to any form of satellite internet. When the weather gets bad, our Hughesnet internet frequently went out. In particularly in the winter. When the Hughesnet satellite accumulated too much snow or even the slightest amount of ice, the internet shut down.

So Why Get Hughesnet Internet?

By now you should be pretty disgusted with the thought of Hughesnet internet. As i have said, I am not the only person who shares this terrible experience.

So when do I recommend Hughesnet internet?

Like I said, if you have no better options, this is a pretty good option. If you are frustrated with the speed of dial-up and do not want to use the internet to do anything more than browse, this is a decent option. The only downside is the price, but it is not exactly deal breaker.

Hopefully, you are talked out of Hughesnet, but you still probably need an internet option. You may want to shop around on the internet or ask your neighbors what they you. If you live in the middle of nowhere you may what to check out a company called Frontier, they solved our problem. I know they are actively expanding into rural areas still to this day.

If Frontier does not cover you, consider getting an air card. An air card is faster than dial-up but also has a data cap, but the data cap is far larger than HughesNet.

I sincerely hope that the days of Hughesnet are numbered with the advances of technology and the expanding coverage of the internet. Dial-up internet has all but died with the invention of WiFi, maybe Hughesnet will go down with something too.


1) HughesNet does not provide anywhere near their advertised download speeds.
2) HughesNet's "network operations center" inexplicably throttles Internet browsing to less than dial-up speeds, especially with HTTPS sites, and makes many sites inaccessible without explanation or warning.
3) HughesNet outsources their “customer service” to India, where an army of illiterates simply waste customer time, and fail to resolve any reported problems.
4) HughesNet has obviously oversubscribed their equipment capacity, and is unable to provide the advertised bandwidth to their customers.
5) HughesNet does not honor the various discounts and credits they advertise.
6) HughesNet fraudulently bills unauthorized charges to customer's credit cards, charging for services they offered for free, or for services they never provided.
7) HughesNet does not honor their equipment guarantees, e.g. charging $125 for a technician to verify that a hardware problem exists, and then charging full price for the replacement of equipment that is still under purported warranty.
8) If you try to cancel your account (after the required two-year period),  HughesNet will ignore your request, try to talk you out of it, continue billing you, apply unauthorized charges to your credit card, harrass you endlessly, and turn your account over to a collection agency if you manage to reverse those charges.
9) HughesNet charges exorbitant amounts for equipment that can only be purchased through HughesNet. They charge $600 for a satellite and modem that should cost (at most) $30, and which is built to last about 6 months. Even though you are required to purchase it, effective ownership remains with HughesNet, since no one else can use it without paying HughesNet an installation fee exceeding the purchase price.
10) HughesNet charges a fortune for a simple installation, and another fortune for a "non-standard installation" (which you won't know you have until after the fact).