For wrestling entertainment fans, there has always been a debate about who the greatest wrestling superstar of all time is, this is no different than any other sports that have the same debates.

In baseball, you will always have those who will say that Babe Ruth was the greatest, others will argue that it was Cy Young, Barry Bonds, Nolan Ryan, Yogi Berra, and the list goes on and on. In basketball, most will say that Michael Jordan was the greatest, but you still have die hard basketball fans who will argue to their death that the greatest basketball player of all time was Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Earving, and so on.

As far as WWE wrestling is concerned, the same argument will always go on about who the best wrestler was. Some say that it is Hulk Hogan, others will say Stoned Cold Steve Austin, some say the Rock, Andre the Giant, Bruno Sammartino, the Undertaker, bla bla bla, the list will never end.

It is true that it is to hard to pin point who the greatest WWE wrestler of all time is because it depends how you are looking at things. For example, if you are judging by your favorite character you may cast your vote for the Undertaker because of his cool and creepy ways. Or you may cast your vote for Eddie Guerrero because of his cool and smooth louder personality of lying, stealing and cheating. The Million Dollar man Ted DiBiase may have been your favorite because of his rich character that was able to buy anything he wanted. This of course would be your favorite WWE wrestler and not exactly the greatest WWE wrestler.

Some judge by the wrestlers accomplishments, such as how many WWE titles that they have held. This would be a great way to judge WWE greatness, but the problem is that the results of WWE matches and WWE title holders is all prescripted. What! You didn't know? If not, you have to let someone hit you over the head with a chair and see if you ever get up. Better yet, don't try it! Take my word for it. I did not say that wrestling was fake, but it is scripted. Under this basis, it is difficult to judge who the greatest WWE wrestler of all time is.

The way I look at the whole picture is by looking at who had the biggest impact on WWE wrestling. Sure you had great wrestlers in the WWE such as Andre the Giant, the Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many others, but there has been no other wrestler that has done as much for the WWE as Hulk Hogan did. Back in the 1980's, when the company was known as the WWF, wrestling was famous but nothing like it is today. Hulk Hogan changed all of that though when Vince K. Mcmahon bought the WWF from his father and turned Hulk Hogan into the companies main center piece. Hulk Hogans popularity grew unlike any other wrestler ever. His fan base was huge as Hulkamania grew. During interviews, Hogan would always tell his fans to do as he does by training, saying their prayers, and eating their vitamins. Huis twenty inch pythons (his biceps), and his poses also became a Hulkster signature. Even during his matches against wrestling villians, Hogan had many signatures that were so known. During his matches, when it seemed as if might be defeated by his opponent, Hogan would gain sudden energy from the crowd and start shaking, which was known as Hulking up. He would then point his finger at his opponent and start stomping around the ring before putting a couple moves on his opponent and ending the match with a big leg drop.

Though there is always room for argument, Hulk Hogan is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time. To change the popularity of wrestling the way this man did was phenomenal. Hulk Hogan actually became an icon in the 1980's. Of course he would later become Hollywood Hulk Hogan, but that is another story for another time.