As humans we share a lot of things with animals. We eat, they eat, we procreate and they also procreate. There are other things that are just unique to humans that animals don't do. Humans are considered higher animals. As such, we have developed complex scenarios just to differentiate us from the others. We have strived so hard to appear to be more intelligent that we have only taken a step forward and about five steps backwards. Human behavior is funny and at times tragic. We don't know why we do some things but nevertheless we are not that bothered by it because that is what everyone does. That is what makes us different from the rest.

Cry: Yes animals cry too, but how many animals cry or shed tears of joy? Tears are not always about sorrow for humans. We cry when we are sad, when we are happy or just for the sake of it. At times we cry to manipulate others. Tears are a powerful tool when they fall into the hands of an expert. Some people have been known to use tears to get whatever they want. You have to be really skillful to get your way through life without tears.

Get Drunk: Animals do get drunk and behave disorderly as well. This mostly happens when they eat fermented fruits. On the other hand, humans make it a tradition. We have even gone as far has brewing alcohol just for the sake of getting drunk. How many brands of beers, spirits, wine, liquors are there in the world? If you were to add bootlegged brands into this, you will be astonished as to how much there is. Getting drunk is a human thing that even animals wonder why we do it.

Cook: Humans love food and love to experiment with cooking. Fried fish, steamed fish, smoked fish, raw fish, marinated fish, etc. We just can't get enough of variety. Animals don't have to worry about things like this. They have fish and that is it. If humans were to give them fried fish, they would eat it. They are not that fussy when it comes to eating but just don't animals to cook.

Get Married: Animals don't get married. They mate and have offspring but that is about how far it goes. Humans have elaborated complex laws and traditions surrounding marriages. The notion of divorce is a human conception. Marriage and divorce is like building a house and destroying it after a few years just because you no longer like it. Does it make sense? No, but that is what makes us humans.

Dance: Why do humans feel the need to dance when music is played? You could train your dog to dance but he is not going to invent the moonwalk or salsa. How many animals have you seen listening to their mp3 players and watching Youtube videos? Humans just can't seem to get enough of music and dance. I wonder what an American Idol or America's got talent would be like in the animal kingdom.

Cars: Once upon a time, cars were just for transportation. That is no longer the case. Some have cars just like a child would have toys. They have a fancier name for their toys. They call it a collection. What is the point of collecting cars if you cannot or don't want to drive it? You have to be human to understand it. By the way not all humans understand it either.

Sports: If you've ever watch soccer commonly known as football, you will be forgiven to think it is a religion. In fact it is a religion. The devotees will do anything to watch the beautiful game. You are allowed to fight and throw chairs if you lose or if you win. You will be called a hooligan but you will be proud of defending your faith. Animals are just not that crazy. They play around a little and that is all. They don't go around organizing competition or world cups just for the fun. Animals fight to protect their territory, humans fight because it is fun (ice hockey, boxing, wrestling etc.)

Outer space: Only humans want to know what it feels like not to feel the force of gravity. We are not just happy to walk around. We want to fly, swim and do everything animals do. We even think we can do it better. Birds don't fly into outer space. What is the point? We send satellite into space because we are humans and the earth is just not enough for us.

Prayers: Humans believe in a higher being. They at times call that higher power god. We believe we are not alone in the universe and that there is life after death. Animals don't care about things like that. How many animals have you seen saying a prayer before devouring a prey? God didn't create animals in his image so I guess he wouldn't be listening to any prayers coming from the animal kingdom.

Gossip: Animals do communicate like humans, but we do it better than them, we gossip. Do you think animals gossip as well? Why is gossip so captivating? You have to be human to experience the thrill. Gossiping is not like any other form of conversation. It is tantalizing when you have a scoop. You can't wait to share it with your best friends. You become restless and uneasy. It burns within your soul and will not leave you alone until you have divulged that hot, juicy stuff called gossip.

School: Animal can learn a lot but they cannot imitate the experience of a classroom education. Can you image different types of animal in school uniform heading to school? We just thrive as humans knowing we can spends almost 20 years of our lives going to school every day. At times we don't even learn that much but it is just what we humans do.

Reading: Animals don't read they can speak but reading is not in their "to do list". They don't have alphabet. You can teach your parrot new vocabulary but you can't teach it to read. Why would you want to do that? Your parrot might eat your book but it will still not make him a good reader.