How can conserving human energy help protect human health

Have you ever reached burn out ?

We've all come across stories from our friends, people, or in the news about people at work working so hard they ultimately reach burn out.

What is burn out ?

Burn out is the direct cause of people pushing their physiological or psychological limits of human energy to their capacity to the point of complete exhaustion. 

When this occurs the results will be and will be devastating to human health. It has been an issue for many years and more so now in the 21st century. It's common as crackers to hear people chat about their latest coffee binge, 80 hour work week or their latest remedy they are stirring up before starting the day, green tea, black tea, Starbucks, tea leaf, supplements like melatonin and even taking designer drugs   just to try to stay awake at the job. This is a health problem of epidemic proportion a slow killer western doctors call stress. Some countries with huge economies  are so stressed out they die in their sleep, a result of a 80 to 90 hour  per week work  load. They are practically swimming in a pool of dangerous toxins, chemical reactions, like adrenaline and so forth.


What can we do to help the situation ?

Luckily for us, times are a lot more different from what they were in the early 20th century a lot has happened in the progress of humankind, in medicine, and people are living a lot longer then they did before. We no longer rely solely on antibiotics for cures, there are some phenomenal things happening within the health sector, particularly nutrition and not to mention the health and fitness area.

For the most part science has proven that nutrition in accords to the foods we feed our selves and our families has a direct link to how our health unfolds, most importantly protects us from all kinds of stress. In places like New York and Los Angeles people are wealthier than most but at a cost. The direct habits of ignoring our hunger choosing to eat small easy go snacks and coffee as our number one source of vitamins and nutrients is causing a fish bowl of problems. In being easily prone to agitation and emotional discomfort. This has been a key reason to depression, and the sleazy drama filled reality show types. If there was only a choice of practice each one of us could decide on, it's up to us to change our lifestyles. What will you decide to do to better your quality of life or increase your happiness ?  

Stress & Food