Human energy

Human Vibrations

Human Energy and Vibrations.

The father of modern medicine Hippocrates was well-known for the famous saying all physicians should follow. "First do no harm".

Though second to those famous words which most North Americans and Europeans are unaware of what some physicians and pathologists know is that our father of modern medicine. The man who is responsible for the oath every medical doctor takes prior to practicing.

The Hippocratic Oath was also well-known for saying something clinically more significant. "Look well to the spine for the cause of all disease".

Unfortunately modern medicine took a turn that is the opposite of Hippocrates knowledge. This ancient Greek born 460 BC was aware that the spine has debatably 31 pairs of spinal nerves. Some texts use the number 33 but for the sake of a spinal nerve debate for the purpose

of this article I will use the number 31 or 31 pairs.

What physicians know is that the organic human body has a principal that rules how we function. Above ,down, inside, out. The flow of human energy starts in the brain stem(above) runs down the spinal cord and from the spine exits(inside) to the most distal region of the human body(out).

To understand disease first you must realize the spine is in control of ever organ. It is the power cord to each system. A short anatomy lesson has to be given in order for the non clinician to gain benefit from what our physicians all know. The spine has 24 movable bones called vertebra. Sitting

between each 2 vertebra is a shock absorber we have named the spinal disc's. These 24 movable bones have 2 nerves exiting its housing called the foramina.

With each fall or impact our body absorbs we have the potential to have a vertebra move from its normal anatomical position and possibly put pressure on an exiting spinal nerve.

Remember that these nerves are the power supply to a particular system or individual organ. Now apply what Hippocrates said. "Look well to the spine for the cause of disease". What did he mean?  If my kidneys are failing why not treat the kidney? Well that is exactly what modern medicine does. It treats the exact opposite

of how Hippocrates would have treated. With todays modern equipment Hippocrates would have first checked for a simple misalignment of the vertebrae that house the nerve that goes to the kidney.

Assuming there was nerve pressure he first would have resolved that by aligning the vertebra. Today except for the health field

of chiropractic. No other medical specialist except chiropractors treat the spine as a means of keeping the patient in optimal health.

Which brings me to the dual purpose of this article.

The first was to tell you the reader the father of modern medicine would be very angry at how we have decided to resolve our health issues. Second is to explain and reinforce that we have an inmate intelligence to us that is an energy which some scientists consider our unique vibration and how some

of the impacts we have taken growing up has caused an interference with this energy...vibration.

approximately 120 years ago a man named David Daniel Palmer confirmed Hippcroties theory to look to the spine for the cause of disease. His story is simple but significant. Dr Palmer had a laboratory assistant , Harvey Lillard who had taken a fall down a flight of stairs in Palmers lab. Following the fall Mr Lillard started to lose

his hearing in one ear. Dr.Palmer noticed a vertebra in Mr Lillards neck was protruding out. Palmer with Mr Lillards permission pushed the vertebra back into its normal position.

With that correction a new health industry began. The field of chiropractic. Yes Mr Lillards hearing was restored. The rest of this story is easy to understand. Dr. Palmer started his research that day and it continues even as I write this article. It's one that if understood and followed would change how patients all over the world are treated when seeing there physician.

Unfortunately , this vital energy or vibration has little place in todays world of treating dis-ease. It's become common practice to simply treat symptoms not causes. remember " Look well to the spine for the cause of disease". The key word being cause.

In order to expedite this article and achieve my goal. I will end this article by saying many more will follow. My goal is to teach health from the point of view that we as humans have a vibration or energy that controls every function of our bodies. interfere with the energy/vibration and you have interfered with your ability to stay healthy. We need to stop treating symptoms.

Start realizing that our creator gave us the innate ability to heal ourselves. Just fix it when it's interfered with. Dr.Palmer was well aware of Hippocrates writings. It's well documented he studied and eventually became along with his son BJ Palmer the physicians who spread what every physician should practice.

In the future my article will be geared towards the reader understanding how the human body is a miraculous organism. With such a simple principle that runs the systems. The principal is exactly what the man we call the father of modern medicine tried to tell us. The energy that controls us has to have no interference in order for us. For all human beings to stay at optimal health.

This is not rocket science. It's a simple principle. Our energy/vibration is the key to peak performance and maintaining health.

So much more to follow. If you decide that this interests you then keep up with my articles. This is my introduction to teaching you what Hippocrates and Dr.Palmer know and have tried to teach physicians for thousands of years with little success.

So lets consider this our starting point. More to come. Thank you for taking an active role in improving your health. As a physician myself. This is my attempt to enlighten the public to a better way to health. For those of you interested in this area its not a theory. It's science. Nothing I write now or in the future is opinion.

Good luck on your way to a healthier way of life.