Human Growth Hormone or HGH is produced in children and young adults in the pituitary gland. As humans age the pituitary gland produces less and less which is one reason that people think that it may have anti-aging properties. The peak of HGH happens in the late teens. This is not surprising as this is often when people get their "growth spurt". It then slowly decreases until the 40's when very little is produced. This is also when people begin to feel the effects of age. Weight gain, muscle loss, memory loss, and such.

Uses of Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is used as a treatment for children with growth problems. It is used by athletes to increase strength and muscle mass. It is also used by some who think that it has anti-aging properties. HGH has many useful properties but also has some side effects to using Human Growth Hormone.

Go through the pros and cons of HGH and decide what you think you should do. Be careful where you get your information though. If the place that you get your information is also trying to sell you the product, that is a definite bad sign. Talk to your doctor about actual research that has been conducted and see what he thinks about this hormone. Chances are your doctor will not give you a prescription and that should be the end of that.

Good Facts about Human Growth Hormone

-Improved memory
-Improved vision
-Improved immune system
-Improved tissue regeneration
-Improved mood
-Improved strength
-improved glucose maintenance

Hoorah for human growth hormone… Sadly this wonder drug also has some bad effects.

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

-Breast enlargement in men
-Soft tissue swelling
-Speeds up abnormal bone growth
-Joint pain

Does Human Growth Hormone Promote Weight Loss?

The short answer is yes. HGH does help people to reduce the amount of fat that their body contains. The amount of weight lost in studies has been small and the corresponding side effects tend to make HGH a less than useful weight management tool.

Does Human Growth Hormone Slow Aging?

So far there is no evidence that HGH slows aging. It might make you feel younger, as it improves mood and exercise tolerance which can be nice. Again the side effects aren't so great.

My Opinion on HGH

People generally hear what they want to hear. If a person wants to believe that this is a miracle skinny, young, and muscular cure there is little that can be done to convince them otherwise. It may help you lose a few pounds, may help you gain a little muscle, and may help you to feel younger but not enough is known about this hormone to start injecting it into yourself. If you doctor prescribes it, and you can afford the shots, then use it. You should never buy a prescription medication from an online source and shouldn't trust their studies.

A few years ago the miracle anti-aging drug was melatonin. It helps people to sleep but didn't stop anyone from getting older. Over the last few years herbal supplements have been all the rage. Right now HGH is a popular cure all. I don't know what it will be next year or the year after but if I can figure that out beforehand I'll make a fortune.