Human Nature or Human Behavior?

memory(71209)Corruption, also known as moral perversion, is very apparent within our society but is unnoticed by the general public. If a company dumps toxic waste into our environment in order to save money, most people would associate that with the term corruption. On a more subtle level. If a company enters your area and forces small businesses to shut down because they are unable to compete, a gray area emerges. What is walmart doing wrong? Why should they care about the businesses they shut down? Here is an even more subtle level; When a person gets fired from their job because a new machine that can do the work for less money, people tend to think, thats just the way it is. Not seeing the corrupt behavior being visually expressed. The fact is, whether it is dumping toxic waste, having a monopoly enterprise, or downsizing the workforce, the motive is the same, profit. They are all different degrees of the same self-preserving mechanism, which always puts the well being of people second to monetary gain. Therefore, corruption is not some byproduct of monetary-ism, it is the very foundation. And while most people acknowledge this tendency on one level or another, the majority remains naive as to the broad ramifications of having such a selfish mechanism as the guiding mentality in society.

"What's in it for me?" that is the way people think. So if a man makes money selling a certain product, naturally he is going to fight the existence of another product that may threaten his institution. Therefore people cannot be fair and people do not trust each other. If you came into my store and I said this lamp that I've got is pretty good, but the lamp in the next store is much better, I wouldn't be in business very long. It wouldn't work. If I were ethical, it wouldn't work. So when you say industry cares for people, that's not true. They can't afford to be ethical. So the system is not designed to serve the well being of people. If you still don't understand that, there would be no outsourcing of jobs if they cared about people. Industry does not care. They only hire people because it hasn't been automated yet. So, don't talk about decency and ethics, they cannot afford it.

Scarcity is one of the key components to giving something value. Scarcity exist among nature and artificially among the monetary system. Its the idea of scarcity which can bring people to their knees or bring people to a more prosperous state of life. Money is made scarce purposely so that it has value to it. But when we take a step back and look at this from a more broad spectrum you will see that money is really the factor that creates limitation to the advancement of human society. You have thousands of starving and ill African Americans. One person dies every second from starvation. This does not have to do with lack of food. It has to do with lack of money. Another example, the advancement of medical research is simply limited by the availability of money and the profit incentive to keep those existing created jobs available. We do not have solutions for dangerous illnesses such as cancer. Why is this? Because the availability of money hasn't given us the technology to discover a solution. To reiterate, money limits human from advancing at a more efficient rate.

Most people do not understand the difference between human nature and human behavior. They believe people are born with racism, hatred, bigotry, belligerent attitude, or competition. What you must understand is these are not natural human attributes. It is human behavior which is perpetuated through the monetary system and tactical, as well as natural, environment of scarcity. It is the conditioning of humans through the monetary system that creates the majority of social aberrant behavior. When someone breaks the law we send them to jail. Sending them to jail doesn't fix anything. Studying why people behave in this sort of manner in the first place should be the real motivative aspect of this issue if we are to ever create a solution.

Most people like to retort this argument saying that two babies born under the same environment can have completely different results in regard to their behavior. It is impossible to completely replicate the exact same conditions from one child to another. As soon as one child is picked up any other child is ignored your creating envy and jealousy.

So what is human nature? The phrase human nature is an attempt to explaining behaviors without any critical analysis as to the origin of that action. So you hear many people claim behavior revolves around genetics, and you cannot escape genetics. Genetics creates propensities for human behavior, but does not dictate the process by which we think, reason, and create. Human nature must relate to something that is common to all humans such as the necessity for water, food, and shelter.