Human Resources Degree Online as a Career Path

Have you ever considered a human resources degree online as a Career Path? You can complete the entire degree online and schedule your course time to what is convenient for you. So, you could work during the day and move toward your degree at night. You could travel to another state or country and still continue to participate in your human resources degree online career path. You are not bound by space and time.

Some have the mistaken idea that online classes are very different from the traditional classes you would take. Actually, the content is the same; it is the delivery method that differs. For example, in a human resources degree online, you would take economics, industrial psychology, accounting, algebra, calculus, business math, finance, counseling, interview procedures and specialized courses in human resources such as social sciences, business, behavioral sciences, finance, law, compensation, recruitment, training, and development.

Most human resources managers work typical academics environments.Substantial growth is expected in this the field of human resources through 2014, and the median salary is more than $65,000 a year ($118,000 for the more experienced).

The above are standard courses for the type of degree they serve. The difference from traditional courses becomes manifest when we examine the delivery system.

First off, when one signs on for an online course in Human Resources they will be facing a monitor that is broken into several panels. The first panel is Announcements and this contains information on policies of the school and of the course, any emergency announcements about inclement weather in different parts of the country, about grading, about plagiarism and tutorials and about standards in general. The second section to the left is a panel that gives the student directions on what to read and by when and how to respond to prompts supplied by their instructor. There are also links to tutorials such as English. For example, if a student wrote subject verb disagreements, there are tutorials that will correct this. There is a section taking the student to an APA tutorial (American Psychological Association), Skype, The Online Library, The use of (a system that checks for plagiarism), and specific aspects of grammar.

If we move to the center screen, we encounter Ask the Professor, wherein a student can ask the instructor a question relevant to the course and obtain a 24-48 hrs. turn around. Just beneath this screen the student will encounter another panel that is labeled, Threaded Discussion. Here the instructor will pose a question and the students will respond. Also, as he students respond, the instructor will piggyback on their response and call on other students to expand the response. The instructor may also share his/her own experiences in respect to the response. The student and teacher response is one way the administration keeps tabs on the classes and determines who is present, absent and participating. At the bottom of the screen one will find a panel labeled problems and solutions. Here a student can share discoveries they have made in navigation. Navigation of the platform is the essence of the course. In a way, the student is engaged in two learning curves at the same time. It is assumed they know basic keyboarding and have elementary computer skills. If the student has never used a computer or used one only marginally, then they should take a basic course in navigation. Still, they will have to master the elements of the particular course they are taking. In addition, they have to absorb the concepts presented in the course. Because of this, some students drop behind. If this happens it is the responsibility of the instructor to recommend the appropriate remediation. This is true whether one is speaking of an online teaching degree, online psychology degree, or human resources degree online. It is true of all the online courses.

The Necessity of Email in an Online Program

Sometimes it is necessary to communicate with one's instructor in private and this can be done effectively by using email or the telephone. In the upper right of the screen, one will see the link for email. If on the other hand, you the student wants to share, they can do so in a link named Share or in the Threaded Discussion, though this link is usually reserved for course content. Personal matters are probably best handled by email or the telephone. In cases where there is conflict between the student and the instructor or there are charges of plagiarism, it may be necessary to call in a dean and legal representation on both sides. Usually, this does not happen. The issue is resolved before it reaches this stage. Nevertheless, the student should observe all the rules governing plagiarism and if necessary take a tutorial in APA documentation and In the student's work is scanned and compared to millions of other texts. If the matches go over a stipulated percentage, then the student is advised to strive toward more original work.

Grades are private also. The student can access his/her grades at any time of the course. They can see a running average or a specific grade on a specific assignment. They can see how well they have performed on quizzes, on participation and on the progress of their group work. The project showing evidence of working together is one of the key components of the online course. Great emphasis is placed on the student's ability to work with other students. Progressively more jobs require students to work with others, so this requirement models what the student is likely to find in the workplace.

The online library is one of the more valuable resources. Here the student can find material addressing the content problem they are researching. If, for example, the student is researching criminal justice associate degee online as a career path, they can find it. If the problem is one of a grammatical nature, the student is advised to complete a tutorial on the specific problem. For example, if the student does not understand pronoun reference, that student can find a tutorial addressing the specific problem.

Of course, if an individual wishes to make the effort to matriculate through the academic system to the Ph.D. or master's degree level it is possible to teach online for multiple accredited online bachelor degree programs and accredited online master's degree programs. The for-profit colleges that confer the bachelor degree online and the master's degree online have done very nicely with distance education technology over the last ten years, and their student have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the post-secondary education they received in the online college courses. This academic success has lead to traditional community colleges, technical schools and state universities making the effort to adopt online college degree programs as a way to reduce the cost of delivering college-level instruction to new and returning college students. As a result of this online activity, there are many online adjunct faculty job openings that need qualified online adjunct instructors to fill them.