Human race is evolving into two different races however this time nature is not controlling the process. The evidence is all around but most people are too busy to see it happening. What I am talking about is the development of sciences, especially medicine and robotics.

As time goes by we see more and more absolutely amazing accomplishments by the scientific communities. In medicine, they are learning to affect individual cells and treating all kinds of illnesses and disorders never possible before. In robotics, they are creating more and more human like robots, learning to mimic human expressions, reading behaviour and thinking for themselves to some extent. Of course, anyone would agree that all such developments are marvellous things and I am absolutely not saying it is not.

I am simply saying look at who can afford all the new developments and who can not and if we project that into the future where this leads us.

Remember that the vast majority of research and development budget is coming from profit making companies (government also can be seen as a profit making company) and they are not developing technologies for fun or for the human race because they are so very kind. They are developing everything just to make profit and on top of that the ones who are developing for pleasure often get taken over or pressured by the big players, but this is yet another discussion.

cyborg(46414)So what we have is a wide range of products, where the most expensive new high tech products and services are absolutely not affordable by the vast majority of the entire population of Earth. As a result, a family which is has the means to purchase these expensive solutions will have their children’s genes improved, number of disorders reduced or eliminated and physically enhanced through various implants.

Slowly but surely this is leading to the wealthier minority of this planet becoming biologically and physically superior than their regular human counterparts. This is the human race taking evolution into its own hands and creating smarter and stronger, taller and more fit, elite human beings against who a regular old human would stand no chance whatsoever to compete neither in business nor in sports.

This is in fact a picture of a kind of a small number of a God race and a large number of slave humans. In the past at least people could fight back with knifes and bows. Even though they were massacred by guns and army formations and training, still, the human being itself was similar so certain understandings could be achieved. How do you negotiate with a being who is superior to you in all ways? Answer is you do not. You will be forced to obey or you will be put down.

So it is very clear, unless all the wonderful discoveries of all our sciences, from biology to chemistry to physics, etc are available, TO THEIR FULL EXTENT to all the people of this planet, then we are constructing a doom scenario for ourselves and if we come to that point, it will be too late to fight as fighting would be mathematically impossible.