Health care insurance plans often act as supplements to Medicare plans. Many types of such insurances are offered by Humana which are designed to work in accord with Medicare. Every individual must determine on the basis of its own healthcare needs, prescription drug usage, financing options and family situations.

An insurance agency, Humana helps consumers make health insurance and healthcare decisions by giving information. Health insurance being a major purchase should be similarly dealt with. Humana having its headquarters in Kentucky is quite stable financially. Being one of largest health insurance companies in United States, it offers health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance and other related services helping individual as well as employer group policy holders.

Humana for seniors

Humana realized the raise in volume after it began offering government-sponsored health care plans like Medicare supplements. Many plans are offered by Humana Medicare which helps seniors in meeting their exceptional health care and financial requirements. The Medicare Part D prescription drug plan has helped seniors save millions of dollars every year since its commencement. All seniors who enroll in this prescription drug plan get a personalized statement called Smart Summary RX every month. With the help of this statement seniors can assess the prescription drug needs along with its cost easily simultaneously. Seniors are allowed to change the plans twice a year by the government. This summary helps seniors in taking more knowledgeable decisions.

Humana for Military

Humana offers healthcare to families of military personnel's through a program called Tricare for live and Tricare. These plans are available to both active duty as well as retired military personnel with their families.

Healthcare for Individuals and Employer Groups

The individual health insurance as well as group health insurance plans presented by Humana gives many tools to individuals and employers while determining the health insurance plan which is suitable for them. While individuals who are already enrolled with Humana, can also have the benefits of these tools in managing health care and other related costs.

Humana Works to Make Healthcare Better

Humana facilitate consumers to be more involved in decision making. Health care providers are persuaded to follow evidence-based medicine considering the patients cost while recommending medications and treatments. Humana search for maximizing the data to give guidance regarding health risks and its prevention so as to help consumers in maintaining quality of life. With consumers having a dynamic position in the decision making process, effectiveness of the provider improves with decrease in costs.