Most of the old fashioned mouse traps were so cruel because they killed the mouse. If you are an animal lover then humane mouse traps are going to be perfect for you. These traps actually trap the mouse, contain it in a safe area until you are ready to release it into an area well clear of you home. Another advantages include no poison or spring loaded traps were small children can seriously hurt themselves. This type of mouse trap is growing fast in popularity and there are lots and lots of different models out there in the marketplace today. Let's take a quick look at just two different models that are out there in the shops to buy.

The first one that we are going to look at is the Smart House Humane mousetrap. This fantastic product works by when a mouse enters the house to get to the bait the door closes behind, leaving the mouse safely trapped in the house enjoying the little treat you left in there to entice him. Until you are ready to let him go into a safe place, away from your house. This mouse trap is so easy and quick to use, all you do is place a saltie cracker into the bait holder and the trap is set. It is best that you check on the trap daily to see if you have caught any little critters. Otherwise you may end up with a starving or trapped dead mouse.

This humane mouse trap is made from clear kodar plastic and has 2 stainless steel springs which work the trap door. Its dimensions are 3 inches by 7 inches by 2.5 inches and it comes with a instruction booklet telling you exactly now to use this wonderful product. This product has also been endorsed by animal rights organizations and humane societies in the US and around the world. Kids are going to absolutely love this trap as well, you will find that kids will race to check the traps each morning to see if they have caught any. Not only is it a humane way to catch mice, but it is also fun for the kids.

The second product that we are going to look at is the Mice Cube Humane Mouse Trap. This trap is made from a durable and hard wearing molded plastic and comes with a door which swings inwards only to ensure that the mouse is safely trapped inside once the door is shut. There are small holds in the door, which help to release the bait's odor which helps to attract the mice to the trap. A good bait to attract the mice is peanut butter spread onto a cracker which is placed at the opposite end of the trap, and another good tip to get there attention is to spread a very thin layer of peanut butter on the trap door. This trap is also very easy to clean and maintain all you need to do, is hose it out with water and your ready to use this excellent humane mouse trap on the next unsuspecting mouse.