Humanoid robots are made in structure to physically act like that of a human being.They are created with arms and leg movements to mimic those of a human.Some forms of humanoid robots may resemble the top part of the body only. Some of these are used in manufacturing companies.





The original robots were made mainly for kids as toys. These had a very stilted forward movement and were very clumsy, with a mechanical voice. It took years of research and experimenting as the newer robots still had problems getting the natural smooth action of walking.





Like humans they needed them to be able to access movement up and down stairs. Balance was found to be another huge problem with this type of movement. As they worked that out there next agenda was to perfect a smooth running action.





As they worked through each of these problems they also had to be sure that the humanoid robots ability to interact successfully and safely with real humans and human environments.Robots need to have good perception abilities, coordination, and ability to learn and interact with humans.





Humanoid robots need to:





·Learn the skills and techniques from human operators





·Need to operate mechanical systems the same as humans





·To operate in a variety of environments that humans do





Robots will then be able to work in certain areas of health and retirement homes.Although so much research has been done over the years a humanoid machinestill needs to be able to operate autonomously and safely in a changing environment.There is possibly still room for improvement in this area.





I could not believe my eyes when I saw an article on TV about Robots.I know how they are coming into their own in leaps and bounds.They are not only used for building cars on an assembly line but they are being used more and more by medical surgeons in a variety of operations.





Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro

The Professor is a visiting leader at the Department of Communication Robots and also professor of the Adaptive machine systems at Osaka University.He creates intelligent robotics, and android robots.





He has created many other human like robots but the one that caught my attention was the machinewhich was his lifelike double. Which one is the real Professor? Tell me in the comments, the one on the left or on the right.





Robotic Lawnmower





This little beauty can mow up to two acres.This machineis controlled by a wire which prevents the mover from moving away from that area. These are continually improved and some will actually return to a self docking area.Some go as far as containing rain sensors which virtually eliminates any need of human interaction.




There are so many other forms of Robots. Robots are also use in the Medical field, Military and even underwater searches for sunken ships and marine research.