Human equality fights; wars and debates have been going on for centuries. Even for millenniums. Women's rights, Civil rights, Human equality. And within human equality, there is the issue, that shouldn't even be an issue, of gay rights. Why should there even be an issue? It isn't like gay people are creating such a huge problem; they aren’t so different from you and me, same basic DNA, same species. We are all humans. We are all people. No matter your race, sexuality, or views. Humans. Gay people do not choose to be gay, it's who they are, its who they can be because it is their right to be who they want. People say that man and women relationships and marriages are the only normal thing, but what about back, thousands and thousands of years ago, when a man, most often had a wife, along with another man to share the bed with? When gay relationships were not just okay, but supported.

            Love is something in this world that is hard to find, let alone keep it. When you find it, you must hold onto it with your entire mite, weather you be a woman who loves another woman, man who loves another man, or man who loves a woman. Love is love, and it should all be equal. Who has or had the right to say that being straight was normal? I know that I am straight, but I am so far from normal. I know many gay people, who are "normal," and they live perfectly fine lives, extremely normal. Many people say that gay people ask for too much, and that is the reason they get nothing. But is human equality, and the right to marry to one you love so much? If being gay was "normal" and being straight wasn't, wouldn't you fight for your rights? Wouldn't you want to be able to live a comfortable life with your life partner? Married? So why should it be so different for gay people?

            If you are against gay marriages, and you use the bible as your source of why gay marriages and gay people should not be allowed. Please answer me this, if you follow this one line of the bible that doesn’t even clearly state that gay people aren't allowed, do you follow everything else in the bible? Like premarital sex? I know a few people who have had sex before marriage who are also against gay marriages. Or how about thou shalt not lie. That is a big one broken. So tell me, where in the bible does it plainly say, "Same sex relationships and marriages are not righteous." I would like to see it.

            The issues about adoption rights, and gay parents having children are just flat out absurd.  Just because a child's parents are gay, doesn't mean they are going to grow up gay, and even if they do, it shouldn't matter. Being gay is in DNA; it's not something that can be forced into or out of people. Studies have shown that just because a child grows up in a gay family, doesn't mean they have a worse childhood than a child with parents who are straight. And it isn't like gay parents force their sexualities on their children.

            This is a new era in the world; people of all races and sexes have their own voices, and the option to voice their opinions. So why restrict people with different sexualities to not being able to marry the ones they love?