Indoor Health Products 811


Small portable units with large LED readouts.

No calibration required.

Each unit has the ability to add outdoor and indoor temperature.

Units record high and low humidity levels for a period of time.



Full Review

Humidity Sensors, humidistats or Hygrometers are essential tools in determining what our indoor air moisture content is and then we can make a decision on how to control it. As I mentioned in my article on Prevention of Black Mold, keeping your indoor humidity below the 55% level is essential in minimizing black mold growth.

Consider purchase of either the Model 810 or 811 Hygrometer by Indoor Health Products with their large LED readouts and combined humidity and temperature reading.

Measuring the relative humidity of your home can alert you as to where problem areas may be. These units are very portable and can be moved from room to room very easily to get reading in different spaces.

The 811 has a much larger readout if that is preferred by you.
If you desire to see indoor and outdoor air temperature as well, then you should choose the 810E or 811E.
With digital humidity sensors you can store minimum and maximum relative humidity information. Also digital sensors tend to be much more accurate.
Both units are ready to go right out of the box. Most other units require calibration.

Cost of the 810 is $18.99
Cost of the 811 is 29.99
Both units include free shipping.
There is a 90-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

In Closing

Keeping your relative indoor air humidity levels at or below 55% is critical to prevent formation of toxic black mold. Also high humidity levels promote formation of bacteria, dust mites, viruses and other microbials.

This is the slickest, lowest priced unit you can buy that gives you accurate readouts. Several years ago I bought a less accurate mechanical humidistat and paid hundreds of dollars for it. I would strongly recommend that you give these units a try.