Humminbird 718 Fishfinder

If fishing is your number one hobby, then you better find out what fish finder devices are. These gadgets are very useful during fishing excursions, and thus, they are morphing quickly in the market nowadays. Because of the high demand of these products, it's no longer a surprise to see a vast number of fish finder devices in the market and all are loaded with various features. It is important that you find out what each of these features is.

Among the best waterproof fish finder devices these days is called the Humminbird 718 which comes with a five-inch diagonal screen that can be tilted and swiveled and can be quickly disconnected as well with an unmatched high pixel clarity that shows incredible contrast in spotting fishes.  The underwater images reflected on its 16 level grayscale 320V x 320H display screen are crystal-clear which makes it easy to catch the big fishes or large schools of fishes. It works using the SwitchFire Technology which shows an awesome underwater coverage detail with two modes that you can switch on to either activate the max mode or the clear mode. Here are some other important things that you need to know about the Humminbird 718.Humminbird 718 5-Inch Waterproof FishfinderCredit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)


  • Model #- 4073801
  • Device color - black
  • Dimension -  9.3” x 12.0” x 4.4”
  • Weight - 4.0 pounds
  • Maximum depth - 1000'


  • The screen display of the Humminbird 718 is very clear that it can reflect even the smallest deflection, such as water current as well as thermocline.
  • The Humminbird electronic fish finder device comes equipped with DualBeam PLUS sonar feature that works at 2400 watts PTP power output which could work even up to 1000 meters deep in the water.


  • The 50 Channel GPS as well as the track plotting device of this fish finder gadget are optional and must be purchased separately. It would have been better if these features are already equipped on the device.

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The Humminbird 718 has an unbelievably clear screen display which could reflect even the smallest deflection like water currents and thermocline. This is the reason why fishing enthusiasts who are looking for a fish finder that could give them clearer visibility would choose the Humminbird. It has a precise 20° beam as well as a wide 60° beam that provides great detail even during an overcast or full-sun condition for a wider coverage area.

The two beams that it comes with can be viewed side by side to get a better interpretation. This exceptional electronic fish finder device also comes equipped with DualBeam PLUS sonar that works at 2400 watts PTP power output for up to 1000 meters deep in the water, thus, it guarantees anyone a unique and unforgettable fishing excursion experience. Furthermore, the Humminbird 718 fish finder also comes equipped with other unique features such as 50-channel GPS as well as a track plotting device, although these are both optional to buyers. Nevertheless, if you want to guarantee a wonderful fishing experience, then you better consider getting the GPS as well as the track plotting device.

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