Hummingbird Depth Finders

If you are thinking about buying a fish finder device to use for your fishing excursion, you will surely be glad to know that there are a vast number of fish finder devices that are being sold in the market now. Each of these brands and models has various features that could help you to fully enjoy your fishing experience. Unfortunately, because of the vast number of choices available for you, it can be sometimes difficult to choose the best models. Take note that when looking for a good fish finder device, you must consider your budget as well as the list of features that you need, which you know you can benefit from.

One of the most recommended fish finder gadgets to buy is the Humminbird 778c HD Color Fishing System. This device can easily locate schools of fishes, through the help of its 5-inch HD color screen feature that is equipped with a very bright LED backlight and shows a 640 x 640 pixel view.  Its GPS receiver is guaranteed to perform well, and thus, this electronic fish finder device could easily track down a school of fish in just a few seconds! So read on to know more about the Humminbird 778c HD Color Fishing System.

Specs778C HD COLOR FISHING SYSTEMCredit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)

  • Model #- 407930-1
  • Device color - black
  • Dimension -  8.8” x 12.3” x 10.0”
  • Weight - 4.2 pounds
  • No batter y included.


The GPS receiver of the Humminbird 778c HD Color Fishing System works efficiently and could track down schools of fishes in just mere seconds in the water.


  • This Humminbird fish finder device has a high-speed Ethernet which allows GPS, sonar, and waypoints to share in between two fish finder gadgets that are incompatible.


  • Unfortunately, this fish finder device does not come with a battery so you will have to purchase it separately.

 Other great fish finder GPS Systems IncludeHumminbird 798ci HD SI GPS Color Fishing SystemHumminbird 718,  HawkEye Portable Fish Finder,Garmin Echo 550c Fishfinder.  

No other fish finder device can match the Humminbird 778c HD Color Fishing System which can find or locate huge schools of fishes quickly and easily.  Its 5-inch HD Color Screen with bright LED backlight shows 640 x 640 pixel views. With its high-performance GPS receiver, this fabulous electronic fish finder tracks down fishes in a matter of seconds. It’s enhanced 20 and 60-degree dual beam sonar which works for up to 4000W PTP power output helps in detecting fishes at any angle.  The display favorite option of the gadget as well as the various background colors available can be set according to your choice.  What is amazing with this fish finder is that it has a high-speed Ethernet which allows GPS, sonar, and waypoints sharing between two fish finder units that are compatible.

The max mode can provide exceptional details of what can be seen underwater while the Clear Mode option can be used for viewing fishes easily even on dirty or murky waters. This great fish finder device also has the capability of the measuring the temperature of the water and its speed, although this is an optional feature. The Humminbird 778c HD Color Fishing System can be easily disconnected and mounted with its GPS capability and Ethernet networking feature.  


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