It can be nice to leave a room with a warm glow of soft translucent light rather than just pitch black, and what better way to do this than to use a night light.

But if you were thinking night lights are just those boring lifeless bulbs you just plug in the wall, then you should check out the latest in night lights that are on the market now.

They are a safer alternative to candles, especially if you want a room, such as the bathroom to shine with a soft warm glow, with just enough light to see your way around in the room without tripping.

These work great for house guests, and at parties when you want to soften or create mood lighting.

You are no longer restricted to that one single annoying bulb attached to a plug-in unit that could get hot, and really didn’t give off the right amount of light. 

With technology creating better and safer lighting, the poor old night light has had a makeover, and you can now get these as part of a room décor setup.  You can get them created in shapes such as cartoon characters in glass all the way up to intricate art pieces such as this hummingbird night light that adds interest to any room, especially at night.Hummingbird Night Lights

You can get them created from ceramics, or glass or even metal such as this hummingbird one.

Hummingbird Night Light

This particular one has the light shining behind a metal piece of artwork.  It is totally safe and approved to be used as a night light and yet also looks great during the daytime too.

You can get these lights to match any décor, whether for the living room, bathroom or even for kids rooms.  You can even get kids battery operated night lights that function as a starry night to help them sleep.

Using a night light is a great way to light your way into a dark house instead of leaving on larger lights.  They don’t use very much power as most use a 7W light bulb or less.  If you tend to get up at night, or stay up late you can find your way around without disturbing others. 

There are lots of designer ones on the market now, that are just like pieces of art.  They look good even during the day, and even better at night when they illuminate the room with a very soft warm translucent glow.

Take a look in larger lighting stores for trendy and chic night lights, or you can also shop online at such sites as Amazon for many more.  You can get some pretty intricate art pieces that cover those electrical outlets during the day as art, and then shine and look their best at night.

Hummingbirds are a great subject matter for smaller items such as these, and this one is really a nice piece of functional art that works well with the light shining behind it.  It really adds to a room in the evening.

So, if you want to soften the mood at night in your house, or be able to light the way for your house guests, then check out these little pieces of art known as night lights.