Ever been to a bookstore and searched for stuff like humorous birthday cards, cheap postcards, or personalized greeting cards, only to find out that there was nothing there that suits your taste? Have you ever read cards that contain the same old messages over and over? Well, probably you already understand the main point here. Finding a card can be extremely annoying, especially if there is something that you want to be in the card, but could not find any. Sending humorous birthday cards is a great way to brighten someone's day, but where exactly can you find them?

Humorous Birthday Cards –Why bother?

Personalized greeting cards are way better than the ones you can find in bookstores and some other stores, and in case you are trying to find a more suitable and faster means to ensure that the recipient gets it on time, then the place you should be looking for is on the Internet. Personalized greeting cards such as humorous birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, and any card suitable for every occasion are often found online for free. They can be customized in any way you want, which means that you can be assured the recipient gets something that is truly one of a kind.

There is no need for you to go downtown and search every store for humorous birthday cards; what you just need is a computer (which you already have for sure) and you are all set for the quest. There are a lot of websites that offer humorous birthday cards with an option to modify it prior to having them printed. There are even websites that will let you make personalized birthday invitations and other things that people usually create and at the same time want to be as unique as possible.

The great thing about these humorous birthday cards is not only the funny messages that will surely put a smile on a person's face; the card giver can also have the option to make the card even more special by placing the recipient's photo on the card itself. Photo cards, as what they are called, are also sold in stores, but think about it: why spend when you can get them for free? The first thing that you should do when seeking out humorous birthday cards on the Internet is to simply type in keywords such as "free humorous birthday cards online" or "free funny greeting cards online" on the search box of Google or Yahoo!, and you will be surprised at the many websites that are being shown in the search engine. Anyway there is no more need to do this as I already selected below some top sites where you can find them.

Humorous Birthday Cards – How?

Once you have already found what you like, the next thing is to modify the card itself prior to printing it out. You can change the message and add your own, and do not forget to put your name as the sender as well as the name of the recipient. If you are done with the changes you have made, follow the simple instructions on how you can print the card. Surprising your friends and family members by way of sending them unique humorous birthday cards is that simple – and free! In addition, you can make a few changes for an added personal touch unlike the typical ones sold in thousands of stores. Sending humorous birthday cards found on the Internet is certainly a cool way to greet someone a very happy birthday because of the extra effort to make it really extraordinary.

Humorous Birthday Cards – Where?

Believe it or not, there are so many websites that offer free humorous birthday cards. In fact, you will find that a few of these personalized greeting cards are also being offered by some subscription-based websites.

Here is a list of sites offering humorous birthday cards free of charge:

GreetingsIsland.com – This website has lots of humorous birthday cards as well as other personalized greeting cards which are perfect for other events or occasions such as anniversary, Hanukkah, love and romance, friendship, etc. It also offers e-cards, printable invites, and games that anyone can play for some entertainment.

NetFunCards.com – This website requires you to sign up so you can be given access to print, but there is nothing to worry as registration is free. It offers humorous birthday cards as well as thank you cards, friendship cards, care & support cards, just because cards, love you cards, workplace cards and a lot more. There are also printable invites for various events that you can use.

123PrintCards.com – This website has several printable cards that have funny cartoon pictures, although you cannot find one that contains witty messages as you have to compose it yourself. Depending on how long your message will be, you can choose to print a simple card, letter card, or I have a lot to say card. The same thing goes for personalized birthday invitations; you can print a simple invite or one that has an introduction.

TheCustomCards.com – This website offers humorous birthday cards at no cost. You can print or email them once you have signed up with them. Joining is free, with unlimited storage space provided to you for your chosen designs as well as the right to use thousands of clip art files. Printable cards for any occasion can be obtained here, not to mention that free events and birthday reminders are among the benefits that you will get when you register.

SomeEcards.com – This website has a lot of eCards categories such as Anniversary, Birthday, Seasonal, Cry For Help, Drinking, Flirting, Sympathy & Encouragement, Friendship, Thinking of You, Workplace and others. Most of their personalized greeting cards have cartoon images, and signing up with them will allow you to create a favorite list and another great thing is that they also allow you to create your own ecards and save them online. If you do not know what to say in the card, the website has some really funny messages which will definitely go with the humorous birthday cards.