Hunted House of Night Book 5


* Very realistic dialogue, actions, and insight for today's teenagers
* A great alternative to other vampire series


* It is another vampire series, so if you are burned out on vampires, this is not for you!
* Start with the first in the series

Full Review

Hunted is the fifth novel in the A House of Night series written by P.C. Cast. Released as a hardback in March 2009, the novel continues the story of Zoey Redbird, a teenage girl who has a specific gene that has turned her into a vampyre. She attends the House of Night, a school for teens who have the vampyre gene. She and her friends must save the human race from Kalona, a fallen angel that Neferet, the high priestess at the House of Night, has summoned to wreck havoc. Kalona declares a war on all humans and believes that Zoey is the person who trapped him within the earth many years before. Zoey and her friends must use their powers to stop Kalona before it is too late.

This novel is very fast paced and a great followup to Untamed. The characters are very well developed (mostly a carryover from the previous novels), and the plot is extremely intricate and detailed. I would definitely recommend reading the previous books before reading this one due to all of the ins and outs of the plot turns. While this is not the best book in this series, fans of this series will feel satisfied with this novel. It is not extremely monumental to the overall story, but still a good read and progression of characters.

In Closing

If you enjoy vampire stories, check out the entire series. It is a popular series with young adults right now, but many adults will find elements of this series entertaining as well.