Do you know Women's Hunter Wellieswhat Diane Spencer, Kate Moss, Lilly Allen, Kelly Osborne, Samantha Cameron, Liz Hurley, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie have in common? They all have these really great boots.

The first rubber Wellington boots were produced in Scotland in 1856 and there have been a vast number of updates and remodels since then. And Hunter Wellies were first introduced back in the mid '50s. But only 36 pairs were sold. Since then they have adapted incredibly well to changes in technology and demanding conditions in mind. It is interesting to think of a boot that has been around for over five decades, yet still remains a popular brand among young girls. They are the ultimate designer Wellington boots.

Not only will they keep the feet dry on sloppy roads, but they also match great with skirts, dresses, jeans etc. And whether you decide to spend $100 on the original or opt for a more affordable version from another brand, Hunter Wellies are definitely an essential that every girl and woman should own. They are one of the old classics. They will be a huge hit this year, even more popular than iconic Birkenstock Madrid Sandals. 

Hunter Wellies have designed a great zipped pouch that sits snugly on the outer side of the boot, taking care of the keys, lipstick, I.D., drivers' license and other small items. This useful boot accessory is ideal for long walks in the rain, camping trips or evenings out with friends on rainy days. Also, Hunter Wellies are a muddy festival must, not just for fashion but also for their function. Simply attach the pouch to the boot buckle. This accessory has an extra elastic strap around the boot for extra security. Best of all, it fits all boot sizes. This pouch measures 12 centimeters by 13.5 centimeters by 3 centimeters.

Hunter Wellies are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible and require absolutely no breaking in. Its one 10of 10a kind design and functionality has won it recognition around the world. High end materials are used with υp to twenty eight parts being combined to make οne pair of these must have boots. Does not hurt that the colors are cute too.

These boots come in a range of fashionable colors to choose from and dazzle with a high gloss finish. You will stand out from the crowd wearing these boots. Basically, the colors range from pea green and violet to lava and beige. And they are the best, no matter what color.

Hunter Wellies are perfect to accessorize with any girls outfit. And you will absolutely love the fact that you can personalize these shoes to your own style and mood. Designing your own pair of personalized rubber boots is a simple and fun process. All you need is a little bit of creativity and persistence.

The product development of these really great boots is located in Scotland, where the Hunter Wellingtons are subjected to the worst of unpredictable British weather for which they are perfect. As C0 result, Hunter Wellies fulfill their main purpose of keeping the feet dry, clean, cozy, well protected, and at body temperature. This helps to reinforce Hunter's claim of no one knowing more about the specific needs of people who wear these boots than they do.

So, what makes a pair of these boots worth over $100? These durable rubber boots are not ordinary rubber boots. For one thing, each pair of these boots is made to be cherished, worn to give confidence and owned in pride. They are made from natural rubber which has superior durability, elasticity, resilience, and strength compared to synthetic rubber. So, these Wellington boots are made to last.

The top notch natural rubber forms great penetration because of its flexibility and long life. Boots feel more comfortable on a long rainy day. Some Hunter Wellies are also lined with the top quality full-grain, glove-soft calf leather. This soft calf leather is great for making flexible boots. The soft calf leather also gives a warm and chic look. And some more expensive models even have a full-length waterproof zipper making these stylish rubber boots very easy to put on and take off.

And, of course, these special rubber boots are so cute and fashionable. Special skills and know-how are passed down through generations, from master boot maker to apprentice, ensuring that each pair of Hunter Wellies is made with special care. With a little bit of care an original pair of these rubber boots will last for years (and will spare you unnecessary expense), beyond that of a poorly made imitation.