is the practice of legally pursuing wild animals typically for food, recreation or trade. In present-day use, legal hunting, normally requires a license or permit issues for the type of animal you are hunting. These requirements differ by state and should be strictly followed. Any hunting that is done illegally i considered poaching, which is the killing, trapping or capture of the hunted species contrary to applicable law.

The animal which is hunted are typically referred to as game and are usually put into categories such as, big game, small game, water fowl and upland bird.

There are many ways one may hunt and each carries it's own set of rules and followers. The most common forms are listed below.

Rifle - This is hunting any game using a Rifle. Different game require different calibers. This allows for maximum distance between the hunter and the prey, while using a weapon.

Shotgun - Shotguns are typically used with upland game and waterfowl, but can also be used for large game like deer or smaller game like rabbits. Shotguns can use a "shot" or a slug.

Muzzleloader - This is a type of rifle that uses black powder with the projectile being loaded from the front "muzzle" of the gun.

Archery - The use of a Bow and Arrow to hunt, typically used in large game, but in some instances can be used for smaller game and upland bird (if your really good).

Pistol - The use of a pistol to hunt, for larger game the caliber should be higher and the hunter must be able to get closer then with a rifle.