When people hunt small prey, they usually use hunting dogs to bring their kills. If the hounds did not exist, the hunters would need to fetch the prey, they beat on their own, wasting time. A hunting dog is trained properly will reduce the amount of unnecessary work for the hunter to do.
But you can not train any dog to assist in hunting. There are specific breeds to perform better in conditions that hunting requires.
But you can not find a hunting dog as you would any other dog breed standard. These dogs are trained to be able to meet the demands of the hunt. The process of training a hunting dog is usually long, which requires the coach to be patient and know how to work with the dog. As for the dog, he needs to have the right attributes to become a hunting dog appropriate.
Choice of race
As I said earlier, you can not use any type of dog to train for hunting. You should work with this breed of dog that is specially designed for this, and has a history of serving men in this capacity. You need a breed of dog that is done to make this work.
Some dog breeds that are suitable to become hunters include pointers, spaniels and retrievers. Each of these three men have their own characteristics of their own. Once you choose such a dog, the trainer must make the most of their unique features.
A trait that all hunting dogs have a great sense of smell. This helps to keep the prey in the field. Another feature is that they are adapted to life outdoors and can be easily trained. If you want the best hunting dog possible, choose a breed that meets all requirements. In most cases, people choose Beagles, Dachshunds, Labradors, Bloodhounds or as hunting dogs.
What dog to choose?
If you want to train a hunting dog, you should not choose one that is already fully developed. You should go with a puppy, because her behavior is not yet formed and it can be easily trained. The second condition is that dogs have an affinity for the manager. You can not wait for the affinity to form alone. That's why you should train the dog personally, or at least help the trainer with her.
What training usually entails?
A hunting dog must be able to master the six tasks:; barracks; Recovery; Keep; Marking; Shaking, following hand signals, what about the smell of gunfire?
Some dogs are scared when they hear gunfire. They need to be specially trained to get used to. Usually this is done by conditioning the dog, getting him used with both game birds and gunfire.
Game birds are associated with this way of gunfire. When he hears in the future, he will know that when the hunter shoots, he should look for birds. After they become prey, they wait to hear the shots again.
One thing you should do when dog training is to accustom to a certain smell, depending on what you want to hunt with him. If you want to hunt wild boar, that he should know the smell of wild boar, so he can follow.
It is much harder to make that dog training is to train them in other areas. But if you're a hunter, you'll need a big dog to help you.